Desire . Passion

Talking about passion, i actually haven't figured out what my passion is
sometimes, i do envy my friends who have finally found theirs.

Passion is when you LOVE to do something, and will never get bored of it.

i prefer do anything to do nothing like sleeping. i like to get my body worked.
in my spare time, i play piano or violin , read books or magazine , watch DVD's and write a diary.
by knowing my passion is, i can focus on it and start leaving the others.
i'd rather be an EXPERT at one thing, than average in a lot of things

when i was in 10 - 11th grade, i took piano, violin , mandarin , english and science course. it didn't drive me crazy. but one thing i realized, with my focus that divided into a lot of stuffs, i couldn't maximize my work, and at the end, none of them came as my strong ability or talent.
it was such a regret for me,

i took a long time to make desicions what should i do then.
so hard to decide which one i should choose or learn more. i love all of that things
i chose to leave my mandarin course bcause i thought that i can learn it in 3 or 5 years ahead.
somehow , i miss that course, it was nice to practice and twist your tongue and have to reminds all of those hanzhi :p
i promise my self, i will continue that course next time.

i hope sooner, i can find what my truly passion is. 
so do you!