M for Macaroon



Holla! i bet all of you so attracted with that picture. that colorful and cute shape makes me so enamored of it.
i first knew about macaroon from Gossip Girl. Yeah, those 2 fashionable bestfriends, Serena-Blair love macaroon so much. 
i did wonder how it tasted. i thought that it's like a bread with blueberry,etc jam.

i never found macaroon in Surabaya.
then one day, me and my besties went to Hare and Hatter to hung out together. it has been a long time three of us talking together since we were not in the same class.H&H sell many varieties of tea and snacks.
my eyes suddenly caugth the cute colorful round shapes. yes! that's macaroon
we buy some.
and you know what. it tasted so different than what i had wonder before
it is not smooth, it is crunchy and has caramel inside. it is available in many taste.
green tea, blueberry, strawberry , moca
after a second, i become so in love with macaroon. it is not too sweet i think

considering that there is still no stall who sell macaroon. i am planning to have one :)
i hope it is not only end as an idea, but i want to make it happen. 
go enterpreneurship!!