be the Light, not the servant

Being His children,there are a lot of things we should do. One of our mission in this earth is to announce The Kingdom of God and His son who's redeemed our sin. Light and Servant are actually the same, yet there's one thing distinguish them. they both are God's followers and have to obey His commandments. through the bible we can know what way God want His children to be.

the difference is, while Servant speaks out loud about the bible theory or share the grace from Him , the Light's attitude answer everything. it is also reflected the fruit of Spirit.
for example:
Jesus teach us how to treat people with love, be patient in every obstacle , have faith in Him. even without announce and speak about that , the Light is shown as he is the God's child towards his attitude.

conclusion : The Servant speaks, yet The Light do 

you choose, you wanna be a speaker or rolemodel

Let your light shine