Big Change Comes from The Smallest Thing

The resolution about having better personality should be realised! In this holiday, me sometimes reflect about my past and think bout the future. I wanna get older as a mature woman which i know that i am not. Every people has their own opinion about maturity. For me, maturity is too general to be described in one definition.

Maturity is ...

-The ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don't go well.
-When you can admit your flaws without whining deep inside your heart.
-When you are responsible with things you have done.
-When you can understand people more, and never ask to be understood 
-When you can do make one's priority on top of yours with a sincere heart. 


" When you fail in something , yet you still accept that without judging yourself , stop complaining and to rise again" Pamela Felita Kahar 

Only by my brainstroming quotation, i know that i am not mature enough. 
 Here are the answers i found after struggling with my heart and brain
I sometimes talk to much in social media esp twitter. I wrote about how regretful i was, to be honest , i actually dont know what's my purpose doing that, i just wanna split it out. Now, i am trying to keep silent. I never meant to expose my private life. I realise that my followers might be disturbed with my tweet.
I never hardly fight for a thing i really want . One said that i can't defend myself. I know that noone will fight for me if i never can fight for myself first. Now , i am trying to be stronger about defending myself

I usually blame myself, judge myself and drown with my own negative thoughts. I am trying to love myself more and full my mind with every postive things i can think of.

maybe these are small things, but i found that these will become a destruction for me if i keep these bad habits. 
I am trying to listen more, speak less. Stop whining, complaining, demanding. Accept everything that happens in my life. Go go go self-development!