couple of angels

 I feel so blessed that God Still take care about my parent's health.My prayer is always be with you dear mom and dad :)
This holiday, i've been spending my time more at home. My childhood memories sometimes pop up again in my mind. I still remember the way she first taught me to read, the way my dad carried me on, there are so much more beautiful things.
time flies so fast, it was ten or more years ago. i found this conclusion, day by day we grow older, we spend less time with them.

i just realised that their face are getting older and older, their black hair is now turning white. they are not as strong as before.

My Dad, the most humble man i know.
i used to mad at him whenever he teases me. i know that it's just the way he wanted to get my attention again, since i  was so busy with my own business.
i used to think that he never proud of me even i got the second rank at school. he wanted me to try harder than that.

My Mom, the one who cares about me the most
i used to whining whenever she ask me to do homework. i realised, she wanted me to grow up as a mature woman and be a supermom like her. know how to be a career woman and a housewife

I am trying to be wiser ,think about any problem not only from one side, yet trying to open up more :)

For anyone, appreciate all times God has given to you to spend with them, noone after Him would love you as much as them . Do all things just to make they smile

I just promise myself, that i will struggle more and wait till that Big day come and see their joyfully happy face :)