Gracias Capitano

This is my tribute for our Legend, our Capitano , Alessandro del Piero :)
After tonight, he is no longer Juventus player.. (˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩з˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩)

It is such a hot slap for me, it is like a dream that Juve has never thought about extending his contract, at least one more year. Let him retired wearing  this black white jersey. Never did pop up in my mind that He would leave Juventus in this way.

I have already watched more than 10 videos about his last season at Juventus. The goodbye video, lifting scudetto after a long time, the happy face, the tears. Those are Juventini's tribute for him.
Del piero is Juventus icon, Delle Alpi's , Juventus Stadium Prince. He is irreplaceable .
it is the same like Maldini for AC Milan, Totti for AS Roma 

I also found his goodbye letter on the internet, and the latest letter he wrote for us are so touching. I was drowning in sadness. His words show everything, I never mean to exaggerate, you will feel what i am feeling, if you are a Juventini.

His loyalty for Juventus is undoubtable. He never thinks about individual trophy. He even followed Juventus to serie B because of Calciopolli scandal, and succeed to bring back Juve to compete again in Serie A.Then finally lifting the 30th Scudetto as CHAMPIONI del ITALIA  He was struggling for his beloved team. 19 seasons are such a long time. His contribution for Juve can't be valued by anything.

I still remember the very first soccer match i watched in 2003. It was Juventus!! Then, Pavel Nedved won Ballon d'Or :)

Thankyouu so much Captain for all of your effort, sweatdrops, faithfullness for this team. Goodluck for your next journey. You were, are, and will always be in our heart. 


Wanna read the letter?
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this is the last letter for us :

the letter of del piero :