His words is my source of strength

There's nothing is impossible. all of us have already heard about this quote sometimes.
without FAITH those words is meaningless.
to have faith in God is personal desicion. it may be hard because we never see our Christ lively, but we can feel his presence.

i do have faith in Him , the one who's sacrificed his life for us and deliver us from evil.
FAITH comes from bible which is written God's promises to us.
those words in bible keeps strengthening me day by day.

here are my favourite bible caption

Ecclesiastes 3:11 = "He hath made everything beautiful in his time"  make me believe that God have better plan for us, and keep me waiting for his amazing grace

Mark 9:23 "All things are possible fot him that believeth" believe in him who gives you strength and we're nothing without him, things may seem unreachable for us, but with Him we can!!