time flies so fast pals. i just realised that i've been jobless for nearly 2 months.
well, for workaholic or miss busy, 2months holiday is such a grace, yet, for me it is the opposite.
i feel so bored in this holiday, i wanna go back to school. learn something
to be honest. i miss my math, phy,and chem lessons at school.

i've been spending my holiday with practicing piano , violin , doing the toefl practice drills, and refreshing my mind with great books. thanks to John C Maxwell and Stephen Coverey !!

in this holiday i don't know why, i feel that i want to seek GOD more and more, praise Him for all of his kindness, and also read the bible. * i will write more bout it next time*  it's just a big change from myself.
me that used to rarely read bible, now think that it's the greatest book ever, that calm my soul whatever i feel inside. ThankYou , Lord!