nos différences nous unissent

Our difference unites us 

God has created his men different with others. there has not been someone who looked exactly the same with others, even twins sister surely have something distinguish them..

We live on our planet, called earth. millions men come from hundred countries all over the world. a lot of differences between them. Different cultural background, colors, body shape, etc. Don't you realise that those differences make our world beautiful?

Sometimes it feels so horrible when there's one who object your idea, because he has different opinion. can you imagine if inside people's brain are all the same?? there would not be any inventions..

If there's only one color in this world, there wouldn't be rainbow...
If there's only striker in soccer, there wouldn't be Les Blues
If there's only one melody, there would not be any sad love song...

Let's talk about The Avengers. I bet all of you have already watched that Marvell's superhero compillation. Iron Man, Captain America, Burton, Hulk, Thor have their own special talents. See, their differences united them as team to protect our Earth. Even at first they seem did not like each other. After some verbal or man to man fighting, they finally can paired up together as a team. What's make them like that? It was condition that pushed them. They realised that, the only way to save Earth from the dooms was being together as a solid team. Tony Starks then started to lose his arrogant. Hulk learnt to control his emotion more. Others also tried to give more contribution for the team. Then, earth was saved by The Amazing Avengers.

Well, that's the story about superhero. How about your story? What do you like from your bestfriend or boyfriend? I bet you will say anything about their personality which is different with yours. Like a lovers, one completes each other. Patient person is always paired up with the stubborn. It is like a destiny. The differences between them are the the main reason that keep the relationship tied and keep the chemistry on.

You are the one who can change difference into a thing called unity :) 

The based of all is a pure love. love changes anything ..
Love change people's heart, change mindset, change the attitude.
Love heals all the pain..
Love melts the rocky ice.
Love accepts without whining.
Love touches the deepest heart :)