Seek You more n more everyday

My desicion about building my spiritual life is getting stronger. It's all begin from the mid of April when I felt so desperate, felt that my heart was empty. I used to pray everyday. Yet, by that time I realized that it became a routinity, it was not because I miss to talk to Him. It's because I knew that as a catholic, we should pray to Him..

Then I said yes to my friend to attend Domus Gloriae , a prayer community by HSM  (Catholic Community)  which is held every friday  We sang praise and worship songs for him. Listen to His , and pray together.. I felt relieved, felt that my faith was renewed. I've never felt that kind of joy, i was so genuinely happy. i felt an inner peace.

To be His follower is not easy. we should sacrifice our cyber world's happiness. It doesn't seem difficult at first. later on, i know that building the real relationship with him i should commit and obey His commandments. Sing praise and worship song everyday * this one is the hardest one for me, remembering that i only know a few of gospel songs* , read The Bible , and also fasting. I can't do that everyday, the beginning has always been the hardest , right. I know that it takes time and my willingness to fight with my own selfishness. He gives us 24 hours a day, yet he only ask an hour to talk to Him. Why not?

Talk to Him, be thankful for every graces from Him. Ask Him to give you strength, to face your obstacles, to heal your pain, to blown every doubt in your heart, to give you humble and wisdom. One thing we should have. Faith :) Faith makes you can wait any longer.

I want to be The Light for everyone, especially for my family. Day by day, In every mistakes i believe that i will learn more to be a better human

I wanna be The Light, not The Servant :)