AZZURRI por siempre!!

Euro 2012 is already over. Congratulation for La Furia Roja who is succeed on creating new history. Congrats to you dear David Villa :)

I was hoping that Italy would be the winner. But, my hope didn't turn out as a reality. 4-0 defeat in final match is such a bad thing actually. It's already written in Euro Championship history as the biggest defeat in final match. I felt so bad for Gigi, Pirlo, deRossi, they were Italy's team on winning the WoldCup 2006 in Germany. Barzagli was also in the team, yet he rarely play on that event.

Reaching the final was already good for them. Noone expected they would go that far, me neither. Advancing to the quarter final was such a great job from them, remembering their poor performances in World Cup 2010. Spain deserves to win, Italy seemed like lost the track. They could not show us they way they beated Gernany,  Beside, they were so unlucky. The players had not recovered yet. Chiellini's injury on the first half left a big hole on Italy's defense. Cassano , de Rossi had to endured their pain too. Thiago Motta came as the substitution for Montolivo, who'd expect that only 3 minutes after, Motta had been carried out because of his injury, leaving Italy with only 10 players against The Superior team , Spain. It was such a condolences for Italy.

They tried to attack more, but nothing could help them. The more they went forward, the more they lost their defence, leaving Gigi alone, man to man with Torres and Matta. It was hurt seeing them lost in this way. And also, maybe that was the last time i watched Gigi and Pirlo wearing Azzurri's jersey in big events like this. 2 years later, Gigi and Pirlo will be turning to 36 and 35. Too old for a National player. That match was the first time i watched Pirlo crying, drowning in sadness. Gigi as the captain tried to encourage the team, and accept their defeat with pride.

I don't mean to blame this on Prandelli. We all know that Italy used the 3-5-2 potition on the group stage, when they could hold Spain's tiki taka, and the result was a draw. He changed the strategy, he determined to use4-4-2 potition for the final match.. We can't turn back the time. It's already happened.

Thanks to Prandelli, he's changed Italy's game. Not only know how to defense, and control the game, but also how to offense. In Italy squad, he also involving much young player. 25 years old is counted young for this squad. lol .

Don't cry Pirlo and Gigi. For Juventus's player, Juventini is waiting all of you lifting our 31st Scudetti and Champions League trophy.

Cheer up Azzurri! Get ready for 2014. See you in Brazil :)