Commitments :)

Commitment is something you have promised, something you have to do

That is the simplest definition about commitment. Lately, i have been thinking deeper about mny future, i decided to make some commitment for me. I think it will help me to build my organised and tough self.  To be honest, write down commitments is not something i have never done before, i used to write some. Yet, i did obey it in only short period time. I promised myself that this time i should respect my commitments, and i believe it sends me to valuing myself more. I will try as hard as i can not to break my own rule. The commitments below are not the actual things, yet it is only the glimmer.

To Him.. I promise to have more private time with Him, learn how to fasting, sing praise and worship songs, read the bible every morning to let His words work upon me.

To my family. I promise to give more time for them even if later i will be so busy doing my stuff.. Be the light for this home :)

To myself. I am no longer forcing myself to much. Yet i will try to love myself more . In this context, love means that i will be more valuing my efforts, appreciate what i have already got, and raise up again whenever i feel bad. Deffend myself whenever i am sure that it's not my fault. and not ever lose my true identity whatever the situation is, i won't resist my true self  . RESPECT MYSELF MORE!

To him. not to demand much. Try to understand him more and more. Try to addpat with this time difference and this long distance relationship

To my studies. I promise to not easily surrender, yet i will try harder and harder. fall two times, raise three times . Say no to any conspiracy! No cheating! I will do every task with my own capability and His help. No matter how the result will be, i will try to accept that. It is not about the result, yet it is about the progress.And also help myfriend whenever they need me. For me, it is not how to compete each other, yet help each other to survive and will be graduated together after 4 years struggling in campus.

All of these commitments i made in a conscious condition. lols. Those are logically possible, i have big belief in myself that this time i can go straight with these rules. This is one of my step to a better self :)