From Kediri to Jakarta

Hahahha, Don't laugh at the title, i just don't find any other words to change that alay chapter.

We have been friends since we were in 7th grade Junior High School. So it's already been 6 years since then. Even, we have never been so close. But i can say that we've shared so many things. There are 3 things in my heart that will always remind me about you, Rin. Those are our Union: Fave, OSIS, 9A ; your personality and the whole random thoughts about the future.

9A is our favourite class, am i right? hahhaa. There's no class could beat 9a's environment.

OSIS. We have got so many experiences from OSIS. Do you still remember about FEVER our Frateran Cup? We used to deecide an Art Exhibition as our big project, yet our beloved Mentors didn't let us to choose that.Even it was not so successful i remain it as one of a kind valuable lesson. Hmm.. I was not succeed being the leader of your Campaign. For sure, I've done my best , Nul ;) So far The greatest event we've ever held is Fun Bazaar. All of the sweats, efforts, tears were paid when frater looked so happy and gave such a positive appreciation for our works. Big thanks to OSIS 2011-2012

FAVE!! That one word means so much for me. We have spent sooo much time with fave. Our jokes, our tears, our practice time, our faving fun. Those are the delightful things that colored our books in Senior high life. I still remember everything about Fave, and i know that you do the same too. Bringing the Trophy home was not the best thing, yet the TIMES we spent together for practice, got to know each other was the most precious thing. I miss all of our routines 2 - 3 months before DBL. Thanks for being such a great motivator for me ,Nul. You did support me so much whenever i feel bad.

the two sisters 

Your personality, hmmm. I think it is not good idea to exposs much about that in this blog. You can read it from my pink letter *how sweet i am* . Even if the world changes, keep all of the good things in yourself :)

We had much conversation about future and partner with Siendok. We were still 10th grade, when we started to talk about that kind of things ;) How mature and planned we were! We talked about our dreams, what qualities a good partner should have within his heart and considered what we should do next. And also don't forget about Pak Petrus, your super funny drivers whom we sometimes ask him about the fortune.

Rin, you are gonna move to Jakarta. I just can give you my prayers and tons of supports :) In the next following years, i will see you as an adroit doctor. Sering pulang Surabaya. i will miss you so much. Miss your advice, your mature self, your sincere help and everything. Take care, Dear! :) Good luck for your study! SUPERMASSIVE HUG!

Hopefully the cute blue polcadot box, and pink fancy bottle will brighten your day whenever you are. Those are like a symbol of our presences,

 and always remember my quotes about your future partner