Holiday ideas

Hello readers, Maybe it's kinda late to post about holiday ideas. Cause holiday isalmost over, i just realised bout this weeks later, when i was so excited writting about whole soccer things. For highschoolers, who think that your holiday is nearly over, you still have 1 or 2 weeks.. Nothing is too late to start
I found these ideas while i was whining and complaining about my boring3months holiday, lately i realised that there were a lot of things i can do..

Let's start with redecorate your room. Don't think too far bout this.. Trust me, little thing changed, affect so much to your mood. Go clean your room, and throw out things you never have never touched for 4-6months.. It's counted useless. Make up your desk, write some motivating quotes, stick it onto the wall, right in front of you , so you can read it every time you do some thing on your desk.. Don't forget to write about your dreams, or something you wanna get for 6 or 12 months ahead.. It surely works on boosting your spirit.

Move your body! No need to go to gym.. Do some homey exercises.. Jogging in the morning, sit up, push up. Help si mbak by cleaning your room, turn the music on. I've tried this, and it's so fun sweeping with your moves.

Feed your brain. Keep your mind updated with the latest news. Read some great books. Those two are the most important nutrition.

Fix your relationship. For me, this holiday gives me much quality time with my family, which i lost it when i was so busy doing my highschool stuffs.

Have your own me time. Doing things you like is a unique pleasure. Spend a day with things which make you genuinely Happy. Use the end of the day to reflect about your past. It is not digging your sadness, it is like a reminder for you not to fall in the same hole.

Hopefuly this post is useful for you. Happy holiday ;)