THA part 2

Elements which help you to bring out your best quality:

1. The right connection
 As i have written before, your environment impacts so much on your metamorphose. If you wanna be a worldclass pianist, start surrounding yourself with people who have the same dreams, same mindset like you. So both of you can learn together.

2. The rght atmosphere
Let's back to 2010, The AFF Cup. Our soccer team showed such a great play against Malaysia in Bung Karno Stadium. Thousands Indonesian supporters came along, Indonesia Raya was sung out loud with pride , shouted to motivate them. What a fantastic atmosphere it was! Then, what did happen in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia? It seemed like they lost their track, they lost the spirit, played like a newbee. Malaysia succeed on beating our team. There were only a few Indonesian supporter. The atmosphere was totally different.

3. The right timing to let out your potention
Some people thinks that they better study at night than at the evening. They've already realized when their brains work optimally.

4. Do it in right procedure
When you buy a notebook, even if you've known how to use it, it will be better if you read the guide book first. So if there's any special maintanance for your device you will concern about it. In our life we surely warna achieve something. Do it step by step. First, set you goal,then think about the road to get there. And don't forget that we have our guide book to go trough any encumbrances, The Bible.

Good Luck!