After 2 or 3 weeks i couldn't come to Domus Gloriae, God gave me the chance to join the joyful atmosphere again. As always, I felt so blessed that night, "The Hidden Agenda" find your passion and your core gift.  It talked about passion and emphasized that in every person God has given his grace, He wanted His sect to create something. It was such a beautiful sermon which i am gonna share it to all of you even I have written a lot of post about finding your passion :)

God has planned something big for us. Trough the huge temptation, He's trying to make us stronger. Trough the miracle, He wants us to believe in Him more and more. And trough our talents and passion, he wants us to innovate something, to be a creator. In every single work we should do, even if it is seems so hard to be done, just remember, His accompaniment is always be with us. We may can't see it, yet never doubt his promises to us .

"so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

The speakers also gave us 2 main points which he had got from John C Maxwell. Well, he is one of my favourite authors. Those 2 main points were about The Rules of Five and elements which help you to find your passion.

The Rules of Five
1. Find something you good at
    To make good becomes expert is much easier than try to make the not bad become expert. It is much more efficient and help you to save more time. And finding that you are good in something is increasing your self-confidence.

2. Do it not all day but everyday
   Noone has ever taught us to finish much task in a day. Our brain need some rest. In order to get satisfying result, giving so much pressure to our brain has never been included as an option.Practice smart instead of practice hard.

3. Everyday is learning
   As the hour hand keep rotating every sec, there will always be news updated. You are smart, yet there is no guarantee that two years later  you will remain the same. The methods which is used today,  will not be held in next era. So , we should learn more and more everyday, to emulate any development in our world.

4. Consistent and Focus
 Have you ever heard about Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo won Ballon d'Or  and NBA's MVP? In history, there haven't been such a thing. Even if Lionel Messi had two talents, expert in basketball and soccer, he would absolutely choose one of those. He surely could not divide his focus on juggling ball then dribbling and slam dunk. Being an athlete is demanded to commit, consistently training everyday will make all of those skill developed.

5. Find your best 5
  read the first point.
   In every year, write down your best 5 and try to learn about it more and more. For example, if you keep doing this consistently in 5 years. You will have 25 things you good at :)