humble oh humble

Humble is an act with modesty in every behaviour and attitude, not arrogant and pridefull whenever you succeed on something. There are nothing to pretend when someone ask you :D

Being pridefull because of your achievement is good, yet you should know that it can be an explosion for you. In contrary, the more you think you are up high, the more you are drown. Why? Because, when you feel that you have already great and expert in something, you will forget that there are still a lot of things to learn, hmm unconscious feeling.
It doesn't mean that you are not grateful with your achievement. The difference between them is, when you're grateful, you are conscious that it is because of God's help not only your capability.

By being humble you will realise that you have weaknesses, that you are not perfect. It induce yourself to work harder, and you will be more open to any critics for yourself. Don't get it as a negative response, yet as a motivation. When someone insult you or criticize your work it means that he pays attention to your progress and wait for your best! He believes that you can do better than that.

To be honest, i am learning to be more humble. It is not because i am too arrogant. Everyone will feel so flattered, when they are praised by the others. Sometimes i perceive that way too. But, i am afraid that one day i will stuck in that comfort zone, the area wich i accustomed to compliments. Then whenever i fall, i just keep blaming myself. No! I don't wanna be like that