we shout for Indonesia!

*This post is dedicated to Indonesian! Especially for young generation :)*

 Are we in Liberty?  That was my friend's bbm status. That status was one and only, contrast with others. Status that fulled my recent update were mostly "Happy Independence Day" or "Happy Birthday Indo * smooch* . I didn't know what was his meaning on writing that. Was that Just for fun? Statement? Sarcasm?
I don't care either. Yet, That 4 words kept pop up in my head. Even my conscience said this again and again
"Are you in Freedom?" "Are you brave enough to speak up?" and "Have you felt free to choose anything you want".. Then i got the idea to write some thoughts bout Indo ! :)

Freedom is not only about feel free to do anything you want or the feeling when you get day off from school. It is not that narrow. It is only deep value about freedom if you think like that. Talking about freedom in our country,  even we have already passed the Colonization era, we are not hundred percent safe. We still have lot of things to fight! Poverty, Stupidity, Health, Lack of Natural Resources, Corruption , Law are the big issues nowadays. Can you imagine what will happen to our Nation if those problems are getting worse every sec? We haven't gotten through those problems! WE ARE NOT FREE !

Those problems are like a circle, connected to one another. As a student, i know how important knowledge is. How can we manage our country if Indo is lack of qualified human resource? Without knowledge and wisdom people are the same as empty bottle. We are not being exploited by another country, yet How many foreign company in Indo? How many Indonesian working there? I can say that their companies are much better than Indo's . It does not mean that all Indonesian are stupid. In fact, there are only 28% educated Indonesian. How about the other 72%? They still have not got freedom to study!

I realised the most essential part is not from those aspects. It comes frome each person, which is willingness! Governor can do corruption because they have the willingness to do that, they forget all of the Law of Indonesia's dignity. Japan was such a small country, after lost in World War 2. Now? Japan is known as the Leader of Asia! They have the willingness to change :)

 We blame the government because of the corruption, we insult people who do crime. Have you done your job as a good student? Have you obeyed the rule? "Buang sampah pada tempatnya!" It is just a simple rule.   Have you followed that? Yet, black will always be black, there's no less black or not so black. We sometimes mock at people, yet never look through ourselves. We are Indonesian .Us = INDONESIA . So, if you talk something bad about Indo, it means that you're also humiliating yourself. Got the point?

As a young gun for Indonesia, Let us change and motivate our self to be better, study harder don't be afraid to fail. Can you imagine if all of Indonesian have this mindset? Indo would be much better!! 
Give contribution for our country! There is no big or small contribution. All are counted as contributions.
By reducing the usage of plastic bag, you give contribution for the environment. By turning off the lamp and other electricity if it is not longer used, you help to save our resources. It is simple but very useful. :)

I really want to be an entrepreneur because i believe that it is also the way to decrease the unemployee number.It is not me being sok baik or hypocrite, yet it is the truth :) My dream to be career woman in global world is also a way to change foreigner that Indo is not bad!!  What i have done now is trying to be a great student, helping to save the energy, and reducing garbage :)
What about you? What is your contribution? What do you want to give for Indonesia? Just remember, big change comes from small step.


 Indonesia is a rich country, but lost the track to explore and develop more. Indo needs qualified Human Resources, who are ourselves :) Fight for our country. Have a dignity as an Indonesian! This is the time to rise again! Wake up Macan Asia :)