Hello guys! it's been such a long days i have not posting anything again. Here i am, tortured with IBM's life. I am trapped doing never ending assignments. Do not tend to exaggerate, but that's the reality. I am trying to enjoy this, because i still have 4years to deal with. i will be having my midterm exam within a week. wish me luck :)

Being proverbs31 woman truly is not an trivial thing. It needs commitment and persistence. But i am sure that as time goes by i will be. The thing that i never can get rid off is gossiping. Well, i dont talk about people's bad, but the latest news.hahahha yet, i know that i have to throw away that habit. :p

I bought new book "Becoming the Woman God wants Me to Be" That book is like a guide to 90days jump-start to train every woman to be the proverbs 31 woman. Ps, i am still in the 7th day .
Slowly but sure, i know that the seed in my heart will blossom to be a beautiful rose.

And the other book is written by Jackie Kendall & Debbie Jones, "Lady in Waiting"
Even i have not finished it , but i can say that this book is awesome. This book is about preparing ourselves as the bride while waiting for our heavenly groom -God- and the groom in real life, our Mr.Right :)
Those book is well recommended for those gorgeous women all over the world.