Adjusting process

I bet that in everyone's life, there is adjusting process. Everything around us will not remain the same. Things that we used to love turns to something we want to avoid, people we used to share with is gone all of sudden, friends we used to trust transforms into backstabber. Is life really that pathetic? No, it is not!! It is just my examples. Yet, it might happen though.
When we see something change or different from it acustomed to, just keep calm . Because, it is like a fate, that is a thing we can avoid yet we should accept. The way we respond to it is the thing that matter.

I have just realized about it. Lately, I feel that everything turns against me. Hmm, not everything, yea sort of. I finally understand why people said that University life is tough. I perceive that too, i often breakdown. I feel that i am so stupid. I used to get great score in High School, but now, i get so so because of me being so careless in accounting or math. I cry and blame myself, how could i be that silly. GPA is not my goal, but that's my responsibility to my parents.

I spent two days thinking about it spontaneously! It was like that thought did not want to go out of my mind. as usual, i did my TAG ( Time Alone with God) , i told Him everything, my feeling that i felt too much pressure on my shoulder, my doubt and my anxiety. After that, i felt so blessed, and renewed. Actually, there will always be something in our life NOW, that we can be grateful of.

ARE YOU READY? This question popped up in my head, i asked my self whether i am ready in every different stage i will enter in this life or not. The answer was i was not ready. I easily surrender, whine that it is too huge too be handled in my own. Well, that's my bad response. I am trying to accept any encroachment in this life, maybe that's the way He wanna mold my character.

There will always be adjusting process, all we have to do is adapt with that circumstances and survive in this ups and down in life. We mostly see the big picture, we ignore the beautiful adornment beside that. We always see our failure, we forget about our success. We are anchoring to our fault. So we can not see what ourselves have achieved.