Punishment Reward ?

I believe that karma does exist. What we get is based on what we payed. If you want to get great mark, then study hard. If you want people to treat you nicely do that first to them, just simple as that.

What about luck?
I do believe that luck also play role in our life, but it is not really significant.
I always think like give and get paradigm, but it does not mean that i help people because i wait something in return. lol. I do it with generous heart though.

That is what world will do to us, we will get our favor if we have the willingness to sacrifice something. 
But, our Father in heaven is not like that. I used to think that when i get problems, feel that people on earth fight against me, it is because i run away from God or i forget to pray , do my TAG. I think that God will do the same just as the world does. However, i found another way around. Nothing can determine how much blessings God will give us, He loves us so much. He creates problems just to make us closer to him, rely in Him. Just like a father who always want to be around with his children.

God's love for us is the surest thing in this world. 'give and take' , 'karma' or whatever it is, is nothing for him. He doesn't value us from that point of view. His love is pure. No matter what we do, He will always remain the same.

When we are trapped in a problem ,it is only the matter how we respond to it. Some people choose to stay away from Him and try to find another God like night club, cyber-world thingy. Finally they end up get nothing, they feel empty. Because, only God who can fill our heart, only God who can wash away our pain. He will do whatever none else can do.

If we are close to Him, we will face the problem with big heart, cause we know that we have big God :)