New York I Love You, XOXO gossip girl

Gossip girl is totally end. For sure, i feel so sad! come on,  i have been watching this show for 5.5 years! I never love a couple like Chuck and Blair. Both of them have super strong undeniable chemistry, only blind people would say that they don't have it.
Let the story begin
I first watch gossip girl is because of Blake Lively - Serena Van der Woodsen. The i watched the pilot episode and fell in love with the story , the cast, the fashion. I found myself so into Gossip Girl world. I love Charles Bass from the very beginning, when he's still a bad jerk.

After the 7th episode 'Victor Victrola' when Blair lose it to Chuck , i love them to be a couple as well. They can be annoying and funny at the same time. I think Gossip girl's firework come from Chair. I have to admit that Ed and Leighton are the perfect pairing. They two can attract our attention watching their schemes and love life. Their chemistry is undeniable.

Honestly, i feel so sad and confused, why the show must end. My Tuesday will never be the same without gossip girl. I love the final episode. Chuck and Blair finally got married. hurray!! Congratulation for Chairshipper , our dreams came true. I also dissatisfied with the fact that Serena end up with Dan. even if, Dan was the one who created the gossip girl and made NJBC as the legend of Upper East Siders socialite, i always hope that Serena could be with Nate. Both of them are so lovely. 

If you ask me what's my favorite moment in this finale episode, i have three answers!!!

 Chuck's proposal to Blair
-My life would never be boring with you. Blair Cornelia Waldorf will you marry me?
oh my goddd!! Finally , Chuck said those words to Blair. I have been waiting that scene since the third season. I honestly cried when i watched it, it's like i remembered all things Chuck and Blair has been through and something reminded me about Chuck got shot in Praha when he protect ring he wanted to give to Blair previously. 

Chuck and Blair wedding
Well, actually, it is not the wedding i thought Blair and Chuck would have. No ball gown, no macaroon, no Constance girl. So not Blair Waldorf. Even if it's less than 2 minutes, i am happy for them. Everyone looks very happy, they were surrounded by people they love. Dorota, Lily, Jack, Nate,Serena, Dan, Cyrus, Eleanor. Blair looked drop dead gorgeous wearing Ellie Saab blue gown and as always matched with Chuck white-blue bow tied suit. I just love their chemistry!!

"Daddy" - Henry Bass
this is so so priceless! My heart was like wanna jump from my chest lols. Chuck finally became a Daddy and have his own little happily ever after family like he always wanted before.

Goodbye Gossip girl, i will always love you!