Though i am not a professional writer, i wanna share some writing tips which i got from the expert like magazine editor, best selling author and even the publisher editor. Well, i do not directly ask them or something, i must have read it somewhere.

Find the purpose of your writing

ask your heart "Why do i write? What's my purpose on doing this?" If you have found what's your aim through writing you will find topics easier , and it will motivate you to keep on practice for the sake of better writing skill. Moreover, it will make you be more specific. Let's say, your purpose is make every girls feel that she's beautiful after reading your post. You can try to give some beauty tips, make up tutorial and also share story about that.

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

We all have heard this quote bout zillion times. It is not always true. Well, it is true that we should not value something based on how its look. However, what make us attracted to "know" more about that is its appearance. Let's say, when you want to buy a book, believe me or not your eyes will automatically capture the catchy cover. Then, you will read the title of the book, and
For bloggers, since there's no cover, so the only way is to create catchy title. Always remember that sophisticated title will not be cool anymore if it does not match with the title.

Write about something you really understand

This advice is from the editor in chief of Gogirl Magazine, Indonesia - the most famous teen magazine in my country. She said that, it's a big mistake that you make your reader confused about what your writing. Your purpose is to give something, not to bring big question mark for them. So, it is better for you to write about something you really master.

Don't talk about yourself too much

In my early post, i talk about myself a lot. Then, i read from magazine, that actually if you wanna make better writing or make your writing more interesting, you should not talk about yourself too much. Because it's kinda lame and have nothing for the reader, unless we are a celebrity or another well-known people. That's very very make sense for me. Yet, sometimes you should tell your reader about yourself. Maybe you can slip your experience which is related to your post.

Read read read-a-lot!

Through reading you will learn million things. You should read great book and the lame one. And now, you're wondering why you should read the lame one. Hopefully, you can compare and realize what is the big difference between them. Moreover, reading book from different author helps you to find your character of writing. Each authors have they own way to tell the story to the reader. You may learn from them and feel what's suitable with yours.

I am not an expert in writing. I don't even know whether i am a writer or not. Just pretend that i am, because for me writer is someone who write. What makes a writer becomes the great one is not only their talent, but also their hardwork. They surely did and still do practice more and more. Let's practice together. if you don't mind, share some tips by leaving comments in the box below. Gracias.Ciao! GOD bless

hardwork beats talent when talent does not work hard