Reasons why we love Chuck Bass!!

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"Dude, I am Chuck Bass. Even European must know what that means" 
Yeahh! That's so true, not only the whole word especially, gossip girl lovers -Chairshipper. Chuckshipper whatever we name it-  know what Chuck Bass means. Well, if you asked them, they probably could not describe precisely what it means. All they know is that He's Chuck Bass.That's it :)

Six years ago, we started to fall in love with the show. The party, fashion, lifestyle, the eye candy, even the quotes from the narrator *applause for Kristen Bell*. The pilot -first episode- clearly described Chuck Bass as a bad boy, a coward or a villain. However, as time goes by, his character has transformed into something great. A lovely man. A helpful best friend. A man who sacrifices everything for the love of his life.

We can not deny one shining star that keep us watch gossip girl is Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick). Yeah, Chuck Bass had ever been the twitter's world trending topic #ChuckBass. We like him ever since he's still a jerk that slept with his best friend's girl friend, and ran away from the fact that he truly love her. 

We just simply fall in love with his character, i guess. Yet,i try to think what might be the reasons we love him. Here it is : *or if you have something to add, just post some comments*

1. His grand gesture
At first, i really hate the way he walks. It was like, Oh Geez , is he drunk or something? But, i turned to like it very very much. It's unique. Even Chuck and Blair never hold hand, we all know that Chuck was in love with Blair so deeply. Chuck's small gesture, the way he talked to Blair undoubtedly showed us that he will protect her.

2. His fashion

Credit for Mr Daman, Chuck's style has become one of the greatest style of men in the TV Show's history. Is there any man out there who is brave enough to combine purple and yellow? Only Charles Bartholomew Bass do that! Chuck's J.Press scarf in season 1 also very popular and sold out in a short time. We should not forget how he dressed up for a basketball game. Somehow, it is weird but still does not make us lose our interest in him. After season 2, we almost never see Chuck wore other outfit beside suit. He even look hotter in that kind of fashion style.

Don't you realize that sometimes Chuck and Blair outfit was somehow similar? Well, if you do, you're right. Because Eric Daman intentionally match their outfit, through the colors and even the pattern. It was a great decision, cause assured us that both of them were meant to be together.

3. His love

Vanessa, Little J, Raina, or Eva. Just name all girl he ever slept with. We know that Blair is the only one for him. He could not sleep, he felt butterfly on his stomach the night after he did that with Blair. In the first season, we can see how Chuck tried to chase Blair, pretend to be her friend. In season five, Chuck waited Blair for a year, he even almost made himself bankrupt just to pay Blair's marriage dowry. The greatest one, is when he was shot just to protect his Harry Winston ring , which he intended to give it to Blair. 

and yeah!! they finally tied the knot. A super simple wedding, which i never thought it would be a Blair Waldorf's wedding. But, succeed enough to make Chairshipper screamed joyfully :) 

4. Because, He is CHUCK BASS
well, don't count this as cheating. It's just too damn hard, to figure out why we love him. I mean, he's so perfect from head to toe. Well, Everybody love the Chuck Bass montage,right? Shoot me if i am wrong! We find our lips curving a smile everytime he says "I'm Chuck Bass" with his low husky voice. Don't deny that fact!

So sad that gossip girl has end for good. So sad that SERENATE was not the end game *screw Dan Humphfrey!* So sad that we could not see Chuck's different behavior whenever Blair's around. So sad that it all end. :'(  

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