Say Hi to 2013 and beverages.togetherness.. My 2012 was closed by those things surrounded me. Now, it is time to say hi to 2013. What do u want to achieve this year? better or worse than the previous years? of course all of us want to get better result in this year. Then, work harder and pray more. that's it

As what usually people do, i also made my resolution this year. Hopefully, i can achieve all of my desires.
Here is my Resolution:

1. Be closer to Him
Seek Him more and more. In order to have close relationship with him i also have to fix myself. I have to be careful and filter everything that comes out from my mouth, mind and heart. Just imagine, you can not have great relationship with your best friend, if you are mean to her or you talk something bad. So does Him, He wants us to have gratitude.

2. Live healthy life
I wanna learn to eat vegetables. I hate all of the kinds of those greeny things. I hate celery above all of the creatures on earth! I hate how it smells. I actually already eat healthy food. I drink lot of water, less soda. I avoid fast food, even i sometimes eat indomie. Well, those action from me still not counted as healthy if i do not eat vegetables. lol.

3. Love myself more
Hey hey, it is not about too much self-loving or self-interest.yet, it is about appreciating yourself more, including your tears, sweat, and hardwork. Honestly, the biggest probblem for me is that i hate my cheek. I always hope that it will be much thinner one day. The only thing to get it slimmer is that i should lose my weight. Hell-o! i am already very very thin. then maybe i should only be grateful for whatever it is on me.

For you guys, always be grateful for things you have now, or if you're not , you will regret it when it's gone.:)