Ways to Fulfill Your Resolution

In the beginning of every year. People especially ladies, usually do one certain thing, which is making Resolution for that year. They do brainstorm about what they really want to achieve, then write it in colorful paper, decorate it and put it everywhere. They put it in area which they mostly see, such as on the wall in front of their desk, sweet corner beside her bed or even in their personal book. Now, I want you to ask yourself, Have you done writing your resolution? i believe, you would say that you have. Because, it's like a sacred routine that you do every year and it's been a habit since long time ago.

The next question is, How's the ending of your resolution last year? Do you succeed or not? How many times you have failed on fulfilling your resolution? Most of our resolution are not fulfilled and it remains as the resolutions for the next and following year. So, how to deal with that?

First, you have to work with the detail!
After done writing the list of your resolution, you should start to think about the detail and deadline, then you have to give some sign whether it is very important or not. If it is, give a sign like a big star or whatever you like it to be. For example, the thing that you really really have the urge to achieve is losing weight, you should think how many pounds you wanna lose and what's the deadline. Let's say, you wanna lose 11 kilograms in this year. You can write like this: Should lose at least 3 kilograms every quarter -reduce food with high fat. Since losing 3 is smaller than 11 kilograms, your brain will spontaneously concern that it is easier to realize your goal. Beside that, you can also monitor the progress of your goal. If in the first quarter, you have not succeed, give extra effort. Moreover, you should also think about the strategies or what ways you're gonna use in order to burn your fat.

Second, Give yourself a reward
Think of anything you like and you desperately wanna buy. Promise yourself that when you finally can accomplish all of your resolutions, you are gonna get that thing. If it is necessary, print the picture of your 'reward', especially if it can help you to boast your motivation and spirit. Put that picture beside your bedroom, so it will be the last thing you see before go to bed and the first thing you see to start your day. Through that way, you will always remember that you really want the prize and fulfilling your resolution is the only way. Don't forget to give yourself a praise and never think negatively about your progress.

Third, Just Do It!

Be total! Give your best effort for the sake of your success on fulfilling your resolution. Never quit until it's done. Even if it is seems so hard to get, never give in and never never never give up. What makes our resolution turn to be such an epic fail is because we are vehement only at the beginning, and without intention we let ourselves lose the spirit. So, stay commit to your plan. Stick to it! If you want to lose your weight, start to reduce food with high calories and do some body exercises. Just because you feel sad and need chocolate does not mean that you are allowed to eat that. There is no excuse to break your commitment, 'key.
You may suffer in the beginning, but have faith that in the end you are the one who has the loudest laugh!

Last but not least, Let God work
I can say that this part is the essential one. Leave the rest to Him. As a human being, people only can fight and plan the best strategy, yet, God is the one who can determine the result. Ask, seek and knock, He will hear your prayer and He is the one who can grant all of your wishes.

Just believe that no matter how the result gonna be, if you have given your best effort, all of the hard work will be paid off.