We all are blessed, with different things

"I wish i had her Einstein's brain" ; "Well, look at her! She's so pretty and very talented" ; "I wish i were as gorgeous as her" ; "If i were her, my life would be much better" , "Yesterday Tiffany Co, today Harry Winston, What's tomorrow? How lucky she is!"
Feel familiar with those statement?
Sometimes we as a girl, not yet woman (woman accept herself all the way she is) think about those statements. We wish that our life is better than what we're living today.

In fact, God gives their children different blessings and grace. Maybe He does not gives us very prosperous family, yet He must have given us something big which we have not realized. God's blessings for his children are not only about money, fame and power. He has something more precious than those. Let's say, talent. God gives His beloved creatures different talents. Sometimes, we are just to naive or to stupid to realize that we actually have something. We waste our times on doubting ourselves and thinking why we could not be like others.

When we're thinking that we wanna be someone else which is happier than us. There are a lot of people outside, who's dying just because they wanna be like us. There are a lot of people craving for healthy food and decent environment for the sake of their life.

What makes us wanna be somebody else or perceive that they have better life is that we are not falling in love with ourselves. Our eyes are fascinated by what other's have, so that we forget what's already on us.

  We have to love ourselves, if we do not, noone else will.

I believe that happiness does come from small things too. We do not need Hermes bag to be joyfully happy. We only need someone whom we love and someone to share. "The most important part is not the destination, but whom we travel with"