Out of The Box Valentine's Day

Hey dear, Valentine's day is only within two days left. Well, i can say that this day is a waited day for any couple or lovebirds. And now I wanna ask you, what's the real meaning of Valentine's day itself for you, beside chocolate, pink color, flower? What does make it different with another day? Only you can answer that, cause everyone will have altered answers.

When i was a kid, i was very looking forward on celebrating this lovely day. Who does not like the fact that you will get something from your friend, your crush or your secret admire? lol.

As i grow older, honestly i don't really excited about this day anymore. Especially for this year. Since my boyfriend is in Berkeley, USA i do not have any idea how to spend Valentine's Day. Having dinner together? you wish! But, thanks to Skype for make it slightly possible for us. We can cook, and eat together through the internet. It sounds creepy, yet that's the only way :) It's okay to be cheesy for a day, Val Day makes it as an exception though

Few days ago, my mind stumbled in a question whether Valentine's day mean a lot for me or it is just any decent day. I perceive that someone put on a mask in their faces when it comes to the D-day! They suddenly become very kind with the face's curving a very wide smile to everyone they meet and say "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you"
Another scenario is that they will make home-made chocolate and post it to Instagram with the trending hashtag. #ValentinesDay

Valentine's Day is the day that you can share your love to everyone. Yet, it will be a waste if you only think so naive just like that. Cause i believe, it has something deeper than only giving a chocolate.

Here is the idea of how to celebrate truly meaningful Valentine's Day:

1. Have a meditation with God
We should also share our love to Him. It is true that we can not see Him, yet we can feel His presence. Just for once in your life, ask His presence not His PRESENT. Talk to God how you feel, just pretend like you're talking with your best friend :)

2. Spend your time with your family 
Forget about the doctrine that a girl should spend her Valentine's Day with her boyfriend for a while. Count how many times you have spend this special occasion with your family. Think how many times you put your problem with your boyfriend above your family matters. It is the time for you to start real relationship with your family. You have genetic bond with them since you're born, now you should have the special one. The one that you feel you're attached with them.

3. Have fun with yourself
Wake up very early in the morning, then put on your running shoes. Exercise help you to fresh your body, mind and soul. Sweaty body is hot! *wink*
Next, lock your room, turn on the music and dance like you never dance before. Move your body!
Stop complaining about you're body shaped or acne on your faces. Just let this day be your day. No anxiety, no fear. Be relax :)
After take a shower and blow dry your hair. Try to do some make up on your face and hair do. Check the latest beauty style and put it on your face. Do not think about the final look of your face. Just do it! Trust me, it will absolutely boost your mood and self esteem
Lastly, say positive quotation in front of the mirror so you can see your face crystal clear. "I am BEAUTIFUL" , "I am PROUD of MYSELF"

4. Start up again with your friend
Do you have a friend whom you have lost contact with? or someone who used to be your friend but for some reason two of you are now a totally stranger?
I think, you should try to contact them again. Starting from yourself does not mean that you are the villain, yet it really shows that you have grown up, you are now moving on from the past. Admit it, you miss them,right?

It's easy to share your love with the one you love, yet it's totally hard when you have to do it with someone you do not really like. So that's why! give a shot! It's worth to try. Love is unconditional, right? ;)

Let's make this year be more meaningful and as a jump start of a new real relationship. Hopefully, the Valentine's madness last longer or last forever. Have a very wonderful Valentine's Day friends:)