when failure comes along.

Hello fellas, this time i am not gonna write in Indonesian. Last time i did that because i joined blogger review contest which was held by my favorite magazine, Gogirl. The contest was about writing the review about January issue, which was pop writing. In my master plan, if i won this competition, i would continue writing.I would spend more time on learning in this field. If i did not make it, maybe this is not the path i belong to. Sadly i did not win the contest.

Since i did not win the contest, does it mean that i should stop writing? Well, i did think like that. But this time, i am not stupid , i do not let this failure makes me doubt myself. I decided to read again my review and compare mine with the winners. Mine was not bad, really, mine was not worse than theirs. I am not lying, seriously. Then i found my mistakes. My review was more focused on inspiring them to write instead of the magazine reviews itself. I tried to change my mindset, i was telling myself that maybe it's not my time, it's not my luck.

It was not that easy. I kept doubting myself, whether i was able or not on writing. One thing i know, was that i should ask my deepest heart "Do i like writing? do i like it that much?" The answer was, i do love writing. So, there is no reason for me to quit just because of one epic fail. Moreover, i also think that, if i truly love something, it has nothing to do with people, fame or prize. Then, just because i failed once, does not mean i am a loser. I will be one if i choose to surrender.

What i hope for all of you after reading this is that you will never give up on trying to find your expertise. failure may come along, yet in the end it is you who can change everything. There is no something instant, sometimes it takes patience, effort and courage to rise again and change the failure in the past into a big success. if you give up, failure will remain as a failure. However, if you choose to fix it, it will absolutely be a fortunate hit.

Sometimes failure is a way of God's to prepare yourself and mold your character before He gives you a real promotion. So, rise up again and let Him show his beautiful plan :)