when love strikes

Hey readers. How's your valentine's day? Was it as great as your expectation? Was it lame? Was it as lonely as always? I am wishing you a memorable one. This time i wanna share what i got from my catholic fellowship last Friday. Since We also got caught by Valentine's fever, so the theme at that night was about LOVE, thing that never fail attracting people.

The speaker was a man from our capital city, Jakarta. At first he was very boring, and only minutes after, he totally changed my mind. He did rock the stage! He made all of the audience laugh and feels like they're slapped (by the truth) because of every words he said. He dedicated this words of God to all of us, the single ladies, eligible bachelors and even the married people.

In conclusion, he gave us five points to remember. Three things we should do and two things we should not. Here it is:

1. We should know the true meaning of love.
Love is giving not using. No matter how much your loved one makes you sad, mad, shattered, you keep caring them.That's the true meaning of giving. However, when you are in a relationship just because you are afraid of being lonely. You can conclude it by yourself, right? It means that you're using your partner.
Lastly, we should realize the difference between love and lust. It is okay to show your love, your caring by touching or stroking your boy/girl, yet you have to know where to stop (especially when you're starting to consider them as an 'object').
Open 1 Corinthians 13 to know more the definition about love. :)

2. We should know the purpose in our life.
We should start planning about our future, especially for boys. There is no father who will let his daughter get married with someone who does not even know what to do with his life. If you do not believe in this, just ask yourself. Will you give your daughter to a man who does not know where to go?

He also added that the best timing to build a real relationship is after we graduated from university or start working. Why? Because in that time we mostly have realized what we want in our life. When we are tightly attached with someone, it will be harder for us to make some tough decision for our living. We do not think only for ourselves, but also for our loved one

3. We should know what we want from our spouse.
Never settle for less, always keep your standard high. Start listing what traits you want in your future spouse. Write as detail as you can :) So that after married, you will never regret on spending your life with him/her. Do not forget to see that person in front of your mirror, what he/she deserves. If you want to have a good spouse, you should be good either. A great man want a great woman. That's the fact :)
We never know what will happen with our relationship whether we and our boy/girl will end up tie the knot or not. Hopefully, in every relationship you should not forget about the criteria, before you are emotionally attached. Cause it is true that love is blinding :)

4. We should not make any decision when we are falling in love.
Falling in love is different with being in love. You feel that your heart is beating thrice faster, fluttery in your stomach, smiling whenever you meet that one. Those are the symptoms of falling in love. You can not command your heart that you want it to beat faster when you see the guy on that blue t-shirt glancing at you. In short words, falling in love is not a choice. Your brain does not work properly when you're in love. You can not make any rational decision, cause you are in a rush. Somehow, you have to give more times to your heart and mind, so that you will not regret later
Falling in love is counted as a fling, and a fling lasts within six months. If you have passed more, you are ready to the next step, which is being in love. Again, love is giving, You don't want him/her only to complete your relationship status in Facebook. You do want to make them happy :)

5. We should not be afraid to break up.
Relationship last long when the couple fight for it and work for it. Meanwhile, after all of the effort you have done, the relationship still does not get better you should make a choice. You should know when to let go.
Sometimes, when you break up, it is not the end, yet it is the beginning of your life. God sent some people to give colors in our life. Part of them come to hurt us , who finally make us stronger, Part of them to stay and support us. Just believe that you're Father in Heaven has planned something awesome for you :)

"The symbol of love is not the heart but the cross. For the heart can stop beating, but the Man on the cross never stop loving"