thing called prayer

A few weeks ago, i saw a cute little boy in my church in 6 o clock morning mass. He's still 7 years old perhaps. He was praying peacefully, like there's only him and Jesus, no one could even distract him. I can not describe precisely about it, but trust me it was like seeing a beautiful view and feeling an embrace on your heart
When i got home, i could not forget about the blissful moment i just saw at church. I just asked myself, when was the last time i pray just like what that cute kiddo did? When was the last time i pray just to thank Him without begging Him to grant my wish?

I read somewhere that the affliction mankind get is the sign of God's anger. It's the sign that God want to make His man seek Him more and more. He loves us too much that He wants to be close to His own children. I guess it's true. Realize it or not, sometimes we communicate with Him only when we need Him. When we're in hardship we pray like crazy. We hustle him, ask him to concede our plan and desire. We thank Him if our prayer has been answered. But, when everything's fine, we tend to forget Him. Well, 'forget' sounds too radical perhaps. Let's say, we still pray but not as firm as when we're in tribulation. I do not intend to judge anyone, cause sometimes i do the same.

We hate our friends who come to us when we have 'something' for them. We avoid friends that stick around with us if we are beneficial for them. We feel like we're used. Don't you think our God could feel the same? When the speaker popped that question in a fellowship i attended, everyone dwelt in silence. However, i'm sure that that simple question must have been embedded in their mind and soul up until now. Through this post, i want to engage all of us to have a devotion time for Him.

A devotion time where we pray to our Heavenly Father. To pray not because of we need Him to help us get through encroachment in life, but to pray because we want to build REAL relationship with Him. Friends, prayer is everything :) Prayer is a place where you can 'meet' Him personally. Prayer is the time where you can forget for a while bout your problems and feel reconciled. Prayer is a way to be grateful with your life. Prayer is a thing which can make you feel tranquil. Prayer is your hope and faith :)
Always remember, God is not a magician. It takes time for Him to answer your prayer. Never stop praying. Just believe, He will give the best for you. It never too late cause His time is punctual

Personally, prayer has deeper meaning than just asking and express my praise to Him. Prayer is my way of loving someone. I always mention everyone i love every night and hope the best for them. If prayer can communicate us with our heavenly father, it means there's no limit in prayer.
I believe, no matter how far distance between me and them, i still can share my love through my prayer :)