words i couldn't say

"Buffon is like a pensioner"

I had never been so upset reading any newspaper, till my eyes caught that sentence as the headline of an article in Jawa Pos. I was so shocked. How could someone wrote something stupid like that?
And surprisingly, that nasty comment came from someone who's considered as a legend in soccer, not to mention any name. For me, that kind of comments should not have been said by an honor like him. That comment was for Buffon's poor performance in match between Juventus vs Bayern Munich in Quarter Final of Champions League. Uh please, Buffon is not a superman. He can make any mistake.

I have been in love with Juventus for 12 years. Buffon was just 23 years old when i first watch him thwarted the penalty. He just turned to 35 last January. How time flies! Lot of my friends love to crack jokes like "Buffon is too old, he's like a grandpa" ; "Buffon is gonna pension soon, Juve better find another keeper". Everytime i heard that, i just smiled. I never got it seriously.

However, since last thursday, when Juventus lost in turin and officially kicked out from Champions League, that pension word has never been out of my mind. I wonder, What if i can not watch him defending his goalpost? What if he leave this field for good? What if he give applause to all of Juventini in his last match? I felt my eyes started tearing. I am not exaggerating. I did not intend to cry, but i just did.

Through this post, i wanna say something i could not say to him. I wanna thanks for everything Gigi has done to Juve!

Dear Capitano Gianluigi Buffon,

Thanks for the tears and sweat
Thanks for this amazing fourteen years
Thanks for being such a great captain for us
Thanks for smiling no matter we lost or win the match
Thanks for never giving up on this black white jersey
Thanks for singing STORIA DIUN GRANDE AMORE for all of us in Juventus Stadium
Most important part, thanks for staying with us when Juve had to move to serie B (due calciopoli issue) instead of moving to Barcelona, Madrid or Manchester United. You did not say anything. But it's enough to show how big is your love for Juventus
Thanks for your passion and fidelity to this team.
Grazie :)
Grande GIGI. cie solo un capitano. GIANLUIGI BUFFON

con tutto rispetto, ti amo gigi. por siempre. FINO ALLA FINE! JUVENTUS!