Let it go :)

"Falling for another person". It was my friend's answer when i asked him the quickest way to move on. I thought he was just joking and unconscious. Well, it was my fault to text him, asking that kind of question on 5 o clock in one fine holiday morning. I asked him again. He replied a sec after, assured me that he was conscious and hundred percent serious of his answer. I just say yes, thanking him for his advice. People have different way to overcome this kind of situation. What works for some people, may not work for others, vice  versa. I don't really understand about it.

One thing i know, break up is the last thing a loving couple want in their relationship. There's no more late night call until fall asleep, no good morning text, etc. All of those happy moment suddenly fade away, replaced by never ending tears and bitterness. As what most people do; first, we try to think why we break up and blame ourselves. Second, we start thinking about if only. "If only i were more patient; I should have fought more" etc.
In the end we'll realize that's not the point. The point is, sometimes thing just does not work out. No matter how hard we fight. No matter how much energy we give in trying to fix this, it is a thing which we cannot determine. It is beyond our power. It is His. He's the one who makes the plan for us.
The question is, Why too much thinking on something we cannot even give impact to? Why we keep crying on spilled milk? Why keep holding onto the pain?

I know it is not easy to accept the fact that it does not turn out as what we wished they would. It is all our choice. It is us who decide the way we see the break up process in our life. As for me, there's no best way to move on. Stop thinking or asking how to move on. Your heart will automatically move the moment you realize that there's no turning back. Let it go and let God do it for you. Try to forget about it, slowly but sure. Be positive, and think that it is the best way for you. 

The most essential part: We should not forget to rely everything on His hand. Our heavenly father has the reason why such a thing happens. This circumstances may hurt our heart, yet always remember His plan is way better than ours. It may seems so awful now, later we will never regret about this. 

It is a wonderful feeling after your heart finally let go something once used to be yours