Making The Best Out of Your Holiday

You do love holiday,right? Well, you don't need to answer it since it's just a rhetorical question. Everybody loves holiday. Me too! Who doesn't love the idea of ourselves playing around, spending our time watching DVDs without thinking about deadline, or even the never-ending assignment?
So, what's so fantastic about holiday, that make us keep counting until that day finally comes? Is that because during holiday there's no guilty feeling if we procrastinate our task? Or because there's no guilty feeling if we make an excuse for not doing something? Perhaps, we don't make any excuse at all and just leave the work behind.

Anyway, can't believe that we are now in the mid of 2013. How time flies! Seriously, it flies so fast. So, what have we done in the first half of this year? Have we given our best to achieve all of our goals?
If i am not mistaken, as a university student, we have twice two months holiday in a year. Let's count it together, it takes us 4 years to get our bachelor degree. If in one year, we have 4 months holiday, it means we have 16 months in four years just for holiday. It is equal with 1 year and 4 months. That long period of time spent by doing nothing useful for our sake now and our future is such a waste!

We usually think that holiday is the time for hibernate after an extremely though semester. So we just spend our holiday by  having fun, doing everything we want to do before we are occupied again. It's human nature, that we want that kind of things. But, we have to remember, we are not a teenager anymore. There are a lot of things to think about our future like what we're gonna do after graduation day ; what kind of person we want to be, what is our truly desire, etc. Start preparing ourselves from now! Time will not wait for us until we are ready. Time is ticking everyday. If we do not make a move, it will leave us behind. And by the time graduation day comes, we will regret everything if we have not planned anything.

There are tons of people out there, who are regret, and blaming themselves because they did not think discerningly about their future while they're still young. Spend your holiday wisely ,dear readers. You should have fun -what adolescent nowadays called as YOLO-, yet don't forget to provide times for something more serious,like thinking bout your future. Your future is not on anybody else, it's on your hand and Him :)

#random thought: Holiday is supposed to be the same with another day. The difference is just, in 'another day', we have enormous jobs waiting to be done, remind us that we still have to work hard. However during holiday, nothing forces us to finish our responsibility, which makes us think that we don't have to fight. Well, the fact is we should work hard in every time. Just like what bible says, We will reap what we sow