Joy de Vivre

Bonjour! Hello monsieur and mademoiselle. comment allez-vous?

Okayy, enough with those french phrases, i am not going to write in french. I don't know, i just love the words Joy de Vivre. Then, yea, i ended up making it as another topic to write. It is the french of Joy of Living.

Joy of Living is used to express the cheerful enjoyment of life or exultation of spirit. In a simple word, it is happiness.
We live only once. We want to be happy. No, no, we SHOULD be happy, because we deserve it.

We do not need to be the richest, smartest, most handsome, xx (fill this with anything that you think it can make happy) to be joyful. With these three simple ingredients, you will achieve the pure Joy de Vivre (source: personal experience, and of course, the almighty things, yes, books!) :


Smile is the universal sign of happiness! Whether you're American, Asian or Australian, you understand that it reflects pleasure. A person starts smiling when he/she is just 4 weeks old. See, we are born to smile! Moreover, smile is the best medicine to cure anything. I could not agree more with that quote!

Research by some psychologist showing that forcing ourselves to smile can boost our mood and release our stress, because when we're smiling we also release endorphin hormone. Now, you do know that you don't need Cadbury's chocolate or Baskin robins to uplift your mood, right?
Who needs sweet when the sweet itself is inside our body? ;;) (wish that there's Blackberry's eyelash emoticons here!)

Practically, I did not know that smile would make so much differences until one day. I used to be an honest and straight forward type of girl. If i didn't like something, i would show it. You could read me just by looking at my face. It was the ba of my nana/ my best friend (i never find anyone who loves banana to death as much as her), who reprimanded me about my habit. She said that she hated me whenever i start frowning. Honestly, i was not mad to anyone but i was just so exhausted with those freaking assignments.

When we are in a bad mood, we send negative energy to our surrounding (it makes us looked waaayyy UGLIER than we actually are!!! It hurts people eyes though). And i believe, that's true. With all of those deadline waiting to be done, frowning and whining make it even worse. Once again, smile is the solution! When i chose to be gracious whilst finishing all of my duty, everything was easier. I felt delighted and there was no hard pressure.

Other people

The fact that we are not living alone, also makes me realized that we cannot merely think about us, us and us, yet we should think about others. Like what i stated, i used to show if i didn't like something, or even worse, someone. (so sorry for them. now i am not a person i used to be) I would be a totally different person with them. I hate hypocrite persons, so i don't wanna be one of them. Then i learnt, there's a big gap between being hypocrite and tolerant. Not showing that i dislike them, does not make me a hypocrite, yet it shows that i truly appreciate their existence in my life.

What's happiness if it harms another persons? And what does it mean if we cannot share with others?
Concerning about their feelings does not hurt us, right? ;)


In the end, it all back to Him, our Father. If there's no inner peace in our soul, how can we expect we will find it outside? No matter how much money, power or pride we get, we will never get enough of it. The bible clearly stated that He's the only one who can fulfill our desire. There's ups and down in our life. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we are suffered, yet always remember to give thanks in every circumstances.

It's never too late to be happy! There's no key to happiness, because the door is always open :)

-bonne chance. au revoir. Dieu vous bénisse-