When God Writes Our Love Story

What's your favorite romance movie? Is that 'Titanic'? Is that 'The Notebook'? A story about an unconditional love, can't help but our heart melt when we watch Noah struggle to accompany Allie who was fighting with Alzheimer. Is that 'Twilight Saga'? A story about Handsome vampire who falls in love with normal girl; and dare to do anything to protect her.

There are still enormous number of romantic movie, i cannot even mention about it. Love story is not something new for all of us. Back when we were just a kid, we did love Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and others Disney Princess with their Prince riding white horse.

We do experience it everyday. We see couple holding hands while walking down the streets. We listen to our friends story about their boo. And really close to us, our parents, we are the witness of  their endless love which nourishes our family.
Those real example set up our mindset that one day we will meet the right one and live happily ever after. We will find and share all the love in our heart. Yes, LOVE.

There are lot of girls out there are hurt because of love. Some of them are dumped by their boyfriend. Some of them are betrayed. Some of them fall in their own imagination and expectation. Some of them fear they will end up single forever. Some of them are lost, trying to find the right one, changing partners like changing clothes.

Is that the love that people say beautiful? Are we talking about the same love like what everlasting couple have? If it's so, then why we are suffered because of this crazy little thing called L.O.V.E?

When i asked my heart, i could mention hundred reasons why my love story failed. Yes, i could mention a lot, but none of it that i was sure was the main reason. I finally came to the conclusion, and found the ultimate answer. It is because, that's not the love story that God writes for me. 

We will never meet the one until we are ready. That's it. So what should we do? Just wait faithfully and patiently. In our bible, it's written that Love is above all. For our God, love is something divine and sacred. Love is not a game to play with. Love is not a media to gut our curiosity. A relationship that makes God as the foundation might seems so old-fashioned and not as attractive as what we see nowadays near us. However, that's the relationship that i am sure will give us the true meaning of love.

Love should starts from friendship. Because friendship, is the stage where we can know their personality. Moreover, love needs commitment. Couple may loose sparks after years, yet it is commitment which makes them stay. When we are not ready to commit or settle down, we should not let the relationship go deeper. We also should not forget to involve Him at the very beginning of our relationship (even if it's still in friendship stage). Ask Him about any turbulence, struggle inside our heart, and He will show whether that's the right person or not. Amen!

When God is the one who writes our love story, a happy ending fairy tale is not only in our dreams, it is not impossible. He waits until we're ready and His timing is always perfect.

Through this post, i just ask you to forget, and leave it behind. Our failed love story will never repeat again if we rely it on His hand. Now, just focus with your spiritual life and enjoy your time. Cheer up and shine bright, Gorgeous! God bless you :)

**** You may think that it's so easy writing this post because i never feel such a pain in my romance life. You're totally wrong!! Every girl must have experienced this kind of situation, no exception, me either. Some part of my heart is still hurt, the pain is not yet healed. Sometimes my mind is still thinking about him, someone i honestly cannot stand to lose. But this circumstances teach me how to let go of the past. I am no expert in this area, yet i just wanna share what i have got after reading some books:)