before it's too late

Sharon never like hospital. She used to hate it. It took her a long time to accept what happened with her mom is a destiny, neither the doctor's fault nor hospital negligence. That place is too dreadful for her, brings negative aura she once told her friend. Then, why is she there at the first place?

Her Daddy told her that her uncle was caught in an accident. She did not even know what she was thinking that morning, she just said "yes, i'll go to hospital" to her father blatantly. Isn't it supposed to be her responsibility as a family? to console her relatives when one's suffering?

So, there she was, sitting next to her cousin. Her cousin convinced her that he's okay, but deep inside Sharon knew his feeling was worse beyond okay. She ever felt the same way three years ago. The feeling when she's so afraid of losing, the feeling when it's just too wounded that she could not even cry.

Sharon took a deep look at her uncle, who's lying on the hospital bed so weakly. He is in coma. Never did she think, even just for once, that a strong guy like his uncle would be that fragile with the support of medical stuffs just to survive. Her mind went out of nowhere.

What if it's his daddy who's lying on that bed? Sharon is just so sad. She could not think about anything. Oh geez. She just wanna hug her Dad tightly. She tried to remember when was the last time she did that. none she could remember.

Her relationship with her Dad is okay. They still talk to each other. They go out for dinner every weekend. But, what if they never share the real quality time like they once had before? The time when there's only her, her mom and dad; The time when there's no routine that demands much of her time and attention; The time when she was not this busy.

Sharon knew her Dad loves her so much. She's her father' precious pearl. She loves her dad too, yet she never really convey it! She is an open person, she easily shares what's on her mind. In contrary, she just go dumb when it comes to expressing feelings.

She just realized that all of the stuffs she's been doing just to get over sadness about her mom, snatch her time with her Dad. She went home an hour later. Sharon wanted to fix her relationship with her dad! Sure, before it's too late.

"Jesus, thank you!" She said deep inside her heart, feeling so grateful that after a long time, she finally felt so serene.

As we grow older, we have a lot of things to do. Assignment, business, or even our leisure time with friends can actually seize our attention and time with our family. We leave home early at the morning to start our daily routine, and arrive home late.  Most of us experience the same thing, right? correct me if i am wrong :)

Does our parents really need an affirmation that we truly concern about them, or confession like: "I love you dad" or "i miss you mommy"? Just ask ourselves, years ahead after we build our small family, Do we want our kids to say stuffs like that? If the answer is yes, you can conclude it by your own :)

Some of us live separately from our parents for particular reasons. However, distance and time difference should not be a problem. There's smart phone, gadget which ease us to communicate with them. A simple action asking like: how's their condition; if they have had lunch or not; how's their work, do matter for them. They will be very delighted.

They never ask us for it. To be exact, they won't ask for it. They never expect something in return from us. Seeing us success and grow as a good man are sufficient. yet, i am sure they will be happier when we show our care. Little care from us is meaningful for them. Isn't it our turn to take care of them just like what they have been doing since we're born?

No matter how thrilled we are with all we have outside: friends, fame, business or achievement, at the end of the day, we always wanna go to one specific place. We wanna go back to the place where we belong, a place where we find genuine merry; a place that will always welcome us no matter what happen; a place where God has provided for us. A place called home, and that home is our family: our parents, brother, sisters and the Author of our life. God is our shelter and refuge, so is our family :))

Show and prove to your family that you truly love them. before it's too late.....

“Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you."         Deuteronomy 5:16