Few months ago i hung out with my best friends since i was in second grade junior high school. Well, people said that a friendship that successfully past the fifth year will last forever. So glad to hear that! This 6 years friendship is aging perfectly i guess. We rarely hung out together. If i am not mistaken, four of us just hang out once a year. Yep, that's true. Once a year. There wasn't awkward moment that time. Everything flowed smoothly. I did not prepare sentences or topics that i want to talk. Like seriously, It didn't feel like i have not hung out with them for a year.

It made me realize that friendship is not about how often we talk to each other, but it is about how we value the time spent with them. It is not about how excited they are listening to our story, but it is about how we appreciate their presence near us; and sometimes, It is not about how supportive they are with us...

Does a good friend should always support us whatever we do? Does a good friend should not be tired of listening to our pointless story over and over again?
We often feel like our friends are not supportive enough when we ask about their opinion and they are not in the same page with us. We often get mad when they say "see, i have told you"  when we tell them something bad happen cause we refuse to follow their advice. We often felt oversensitive when they say "move on! stop crying" and refuse to listen to us, when we have not stopped crying even after ten days we broke up with our boyfriend/girlfriend.

When we see it from their perspective, perhaps it's the way for them to say that we should stop being stubborn and accept people's opinion. It might be a hot slap so that we are conscious we are not always right all the time. Moreover, It is not because they are tired of listening to us, but if they keep doing the same thing, we will never stop crying over the spilled milk, or the worst case, we will stop being grateful and blame God why such a bad thing happen in our life.

Friendship should not always be sweet all the time. It has to be bitter sometimes. The bitterness itself is the challenge that actually can make the friendship tied stronger than before. It is the glue which attach the friendship that will last forever :)

Then, how do you value your friendship? Who's actually a best friend for you? What's the meaning of friend? I bet you are now thinking and trying to find the right word to describe it precisely. It happened to me too when i first asked myself weeks ago, anyway.

As for me, friends has bigger meaning in our life than just someone that we can share anything. I was not a coffee lover, yet most of my close friends are. And guess what, I am a coffee lover now! It might only seem as small thing, yet it's sufficient to show me that our surrounding actually plays a great role in shaping our habit or even, our characteristic. Bringing the positives stuff and the best of ourselves is the least and the right thing we can do for our friends i think :)

Lastly, we should not forget to maintain the friendship. We maintain it not because true friends are hard to find, but because it is the thing we should do if ourselves are actually a true friend!
Have a nice day reader. God bless you :)


I am just so grateful for what God has given me. Most of my close friends are straight forward persons. They directly scold me when i do something wrong, which is waaayy better than complaining behind my back. No hard feeling involved for sure. Another thing that makes me can't stop being thankful is that He also gives me community that supports the desire of my heart to keep growing in Christ.