Having a healthy mind

Hello readers! Just a simple question ;)

Do you write new year resolution?

No no, i am not asking you to make one so that you will forget about it week after.
If we think about something that's never absent on the resolution list; more or less it will be about body, right? We want to have healthy body or the extreme one is that we want to have dream body like Victoria Secret's angel (for girl) or Channing Tatum.
Having a healthy body is indeed the result from exercises or nutrition for our body. As a matter of fact, the existence of fresh and healthy mind also helps us to shape up our body.

In order to gain healthy mind, all we need to do is to stay away from these three:

Negative thoughts
As its name, negative thoughts drive us to think negatively about everything (read: people). It's like we have hundred, or even zillion reasons to doubt, dislike or suspect them.

The factors lies behind until we think that way of them can be from their faux pas. Let's say, they used to steal someone's money. Then, when someone lose their money, he/she pops up on our head as the actor behind it. Wise man said, if they have done it once, they will do it again. However, we should remember that being aware does not mean we directly accuse someone.


Our long lost friend who is needy; who used to treat us like crap suddenly come to us and act as if nothing happen, throw us with tons of kindness. For once, the idea that pops up on our head is that he/she needs something from us, instead of the idea of he/she doing it wholeheartedly. He/she might have changed. It might sounds cliche, but yes, time flies, people change

As a man, we can only prepare about tomorrow, we never know what the future will bring us. To deem every case till the worst possibilities is fine. But, we should not let ourselves to be over worried.
Why? Because sometimes when we worry too much about something, it happens exactly like what we worried about.
Moreover, worry lead us to think irrationally. The work will not be done, if we keep worrying about it over and over again. So we better give our best and make sure everything's well prepared.  

Fear (read: low self esteem)
Fear is the most poisonous toxic in our mind, i think. Fear induces us to doubt ourselves.
When we encounter something new or let's say, Sharon (random name. I just love it) wants to join writing competition, yet she's so afraid. She is afraid that her writing skills is not good enough; and she thinks there are a lot of people out there are better. Then she decided not to join the competition.
In fact, we will never know what's the result will be.

Sometimes, when we fail on something, we would rather quit and leave it broken than to fix it. We are afraid that when we try to revamp it, it will be even worse.
Actually, it's not that we are not capable of doing something, yet it is the fear inside our mind and soul that gradually hinder ourselves to progress more and more. 

And we will regret it for the rest of our life, the moment we realize that actually we never try to man up the fear.

So,what do you think? Does the mind you're living now is healthy?
Think positively, forget your worry, believe in your self :)
See ya and God bless dear readers!