Single Bells.

Are you still single? If the answer is yes, when will the status change into in a relationship?

Well i guess it won't be as easy as flapping our palm. Finding the One has never been easy, unless you want to pick one of plenty guys or girls out there randomly.

At this age (above 19) is it weird if we're still single or doesn't have someone close enough to be under that category? I observe my surrounding, are (mostly girls) somehow worry about when they will actually have boyfriend. I admit that sometimes i do that too.

Approaching special occasion like Valentine's Day' make those thought weigh on our mind even worse. I am sure it's not because the loneliness or insecurity dwelling in the deepest of our heart. Perhaps, it's because we are afraid that no one will suits the standard.

*I don't know whether it happens in man or not*
When we're in elementary school we like someone whose seats next to us. In junior high school we are attracted to those from popular crowd. In Senior high school we start to concern things like their family, behavior and stuff.
And yes, welcome to the adult life! A lot of things are now included on our consideration list: same vision and religion (for some this matters), future prospect (don't ask me why. you know that love solo is not enough to survive in this world, right?), the matching personality (whether you can also bear the traits you dislike from him/her for the rest of your life).
As for guys, perhaps, nurturing - virtue - thoughtful - vivacious are on your top list. In other word, for those who are mother complex he's looking for girls who has similar traits with his mother.
In conclusion, our standard increases gradually as we grow older. The heart is not easily melted by the crappy nonsense sweet words.

Whatever it is.. Never settle for less than our standard. Everyone deserve it. We deserve it. You deserve it. (I'll write about it in the upcoming post).

Above all 7 billions people in this entire universe, you will find him/her.They might not run against the rain to find you. They might not hold your arm and say "gaji man" a.k.a don't go. They might not hug you from behind. Too cheesy huh? 
That's why i insist not to watch Kdrama a lot. But who am i to judge that kind of love story is too perfect too impossible to be true?
(regardless of that, i recommend you too watch That Winter The Wind Blows. Daebak!) 

In the right time, you will meet someone who's made only for you. Someone who loves you. Someone who holds your hand while walking down the aisle and commits to grow old with you. Amen!

Count ourselves lucky if we're still single now. If we haven't find the One, being single is much better than being in a wrong relationship since break up is just about the time. We lose love and time. The tenderness that we give from the beginning. The time we spend to get closer to that person, the time when the relationship are tied, and lastly the time to heal the pain from heart break. Wound inside our heart can be healed indeed. Time? Sadly, we cannot rewind it. We can't go back and change what had happened as we please. Those times are just to precious to be wasted that way.

Just wait patiently until you're ready. Embrace yourself. And, pray for the right One :)