5 things you should always remember.

Some people say Gandhi is the greatest man on earth. Some say Lao Tzu is. The other vote for Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Lincoln etc. People learn a lot from them. They did not share or make up a great story, yet it is their life experience. Though we're not as impactful as them, but there must be some circumstances whether it's delightful or sorrowful that we remember and learn in our life. Here are the five things i learn and i am glad to share to all of you,readers :)

1. Speak up
Can you read someone's mind? Can you interpret exactly like what people are thinking about?
Sadly we're not born with that supra natural talent.
Have you ever felt irritated with someone when that person suddenly mad at you because of the things you do? (condition: previously you've already asked his/her opinion and he/she just agree)
Most of us have experienced that kind of things, right?

You know how annoying it is right?
Don't mad if people do something you dislike, because you never really say it. Don't mad if someone is not that sensitive who can know your wish just by a hint.
What do you expect from someone if you never really speak up what's on your mind? Remember, people cannot just read yourself like tea leaves. They might be confuse how to actually treat you.

Better to speak rather than to cause any misunderstanding. Be brave and be honest to speak for yourselves. Saying what you want does not hurt at all ;)

2. You can never make everyone happy
Have you ever felt guilty about something? The feeling when you think you just disappoint someone (related or close to you) because of the things you do or decision you make? Does it happen sometimes?
The truth is that there will always be someone who dislike your decision or the things you do. Even if you consider which will make people more pleased again and again the result will be the same. There will always be at least one person disgruntled with your decision. When you feel guilty, don't let it stay for too long cause it is not your fault. You don't have to worry about it.
The truth is that you can never make everyone happy. The same goes to "You can never make everyone likes you"

3. Hard work will never betray you
Time flies, people change, things change. Back when we were kids, Nokia phone was really cool. When we're in high school, having blackberry is like a must. Now? Android and iPhone era. Despite all the things that change, the way and how we communicate, the things that remain the same is the hard work of the technicians or those who invent those phone. It requires hard work to eventually make it happens.
No matter how world spin around, it needs hard work to be success.
Well, it depends on how you see success, if you count success as long as you reach on top regardless the the way you achieve it (read: cheating is okay), it will be whole different story than what i'm writing about. What's the meaning of winning FIFA best player if you use dopping to pump your energy? Is there a pride of getting the trophy? Do you feel proud or embarrassed instead?
Although it seems so hard to pursue your dream, hold on again and again!! Google it and you won't find any successful story where hard work or perseverance do not exist. It will paid off. Your hard work will be paid off one day!

4. Embrace your you-ness
"Know yourself, know your strength and you'll be able to conquer the world."
I attended seminar in my campus few weeks ago. The speaker was the founder of one of the exclusive photography in country. He shared a lot of things, from when and how they start to pursue his dream until he become successful until now. From all of the inspiring thought he shared to the audience, there's one thing which caught my heart the most. He said "Know yourself, be stand out and don't be mediocre."
Some of us are still lost and have not figured out the potential within ourselves. It might be different with the others, but that's what makes you unique; And your uniqueness is your selling point that distinct you with the others.
Keep learning about yourself and embrace your you-ness :)

5. If it meant to be yours, it will be.. 
Well, i know it's kinda too late to talk about the brutal ending of How I Met Your Mother. As Barney team i am really disappointed to the point that i wish i could slap the writers and directors. It was like.. What's the point of developing Barney character? What's the point of three season building Barney Robbin sweet love story? What's the point of those things if the writer just want to ruin it in the last three minutes of the show? For Ted team it was the best thing they could ever imagine how the shows end.
No matter how long the road is. No matter how frustrating it is for Ted to wait for Robin, eventually they find their way back together.
As much as i hate the ending, the moment i finished the series, i realized one thing that actually is the answer of my doubt. One simple conclusion, If something are meant to be yours, you will get it in the right time. Though it's once gone, it will go back to you again :)

"The worst decision is not when you make wrong choice. The worst is when you do not make one and just go with the flow"