On Regretting The Decision You Made

Life is a journey. Life is a choice.

How many times you heard about this quotes? Or how many times you read this somewhere? Too much till you cannot remember certain sources who quoted that. Same here.
That quote sounds cliche, i know. Too cliche that we experience it everyday. Everyone are offered choices they need to choose. We encounter decision we need to make every single day. Girl decides what to wear on her first date. Boy decides how to propose his girl in a -romantic, yet not cheesy- way. We decide whether to take risk on pursuing something we are not sure of or stay in comfort zone. From the simple one until the essential one regarding our future, we need to choose. We need to make our decision, unless we just want to go with the flow. That's nature. That's the thing we cannot bargain.

Honestly speaking i did not have the intention to make the tittle sounds gloomy like this. Methinks there's a point in our life when we regret something which is happened in our life, especially when it's related with our decision. (But this is not about regretting after eating a bar of chocolate which ruined your diet. That's your fault! It's so much more than that) We feel really sorry about it that we always think what if.. what if.. We are so desperate that we want to turn back the time.

As i think about there are three possible reasons why we regret our decision.
1. The outcome is not what we expected.
The hardest moment is when we need to choose one out of two important matters. It's like a gambling with 50 50 chance which one is the most beneficial for us. Meaning that, when we choose A we let go the chance we get the outcome if we choose B. In the end, it turns out that A is not favorable for us. We started to think we should have chose B instead of A. But sadly, we cannot make it up to us. We can't rewind the moment.

2. We are impatient in the middle of the journey.
We did not think that it would be a long and winding road if we chose A. In fact, there are a too much trial in the middle of it, which makes us tired. We unconsciously think that if we had chose B it would not have been this hard. We decided to give up and blame ourselves of making wrong move. We ended up get nothing. Have you ever thought? Perhaps if we wait longer and fight more we would not regret as we reach our goal.

3. We don't really understand about ourselves.
I think this is the worst part.. Sometimes, we did not know what we actually wanted. We are confused which path we should take as if we're lost. So we just decided something for granted without any consideration. As soon as we realized that it's not what wanted, we regret that we took the wrong direction.

I do believe that everything in this world is somehow subjective. The law which was made to objectify matters in life was made by people. It was made by people who thought that it's right. So, we cannot merely judge whether our decision is right or wrong. It depends on our perspective. There's always positive and negative side in every decision. What we can do is only choosing which side we want to hold on to and which side we want to ignore. No need to regret. Praise yourself that you're brave enough to decide something for your own sake!

Proverbs says life is a learning process. We learn to be better everyday. We learn not to blame ourselves, sometimes things happen out of our control; force majeur does exist. We learn not to repeat mistake we made. We learn how to understand ourselves better. We learn to let go and accept all of the consequences from the things we decided. We learn to have faith and be patient
that something good is yet to come :))

We learn not to regret the decision we made. We DECIDE not to regret the decision we made.