A White Christmas

Here comes the moment everyone has been waiting for. Either you're Christian or not, you must have enjoyed the ambiance. Green, red and gold color dominate most ornament in public places. Santa cart, wrapped gift with gold ribbon, huge Christmas tree as the main decoration. Jingle bell (not single bell, of course) and other Christmas-sy song lift up the mood in restaurant, radio, anytime and anywhere.

Sadly, i can't experience the white Christmas like those who are in four seasons countries, since Indonesia doesn't have winter. However, where we celebrate Christmas is just a complimentary, right? The most important part is how we cherish the Christmas moment.

How do you want to spend this Christmas? Arranging Christmas Eve's and exchanging gift like usual?
If Christmas is that special for you, it will be wasted to celebrate it by just doing those routine.
Christmas marks the day when our Savior, Jesus Christ was born. We can also regard Christmas as the new version of us born. The better us, definitely. 

So, How can we make this Christmas memorable?

Stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. Deeply look into your eyes. Well, it's not about adoring how beautiful your eyes are. Indeed, deeply look into your eyes because eyes can never lies. Your eyes describe how you feel inside. 

Is it fear which hold you back from chasing something you want?

Is it jealousy of other's success while you think you actually work harder than them?

Is it regret of your past mistake or decision you made that you can't even forgive yourself?

Is it broken heart which haven't being mend that you can't open your heart to other?

Is it doubtful feeling of your own capabilities?

Is it baffled feeling of your future since you don't even know what you want to pursue?

Is it wavering faith because He hasn't answered your prayer yet?

Whatever is it, if it's bothering you unconsciously, you need to get rid of those thoughts and feelings.

You can have our own White Christmas, regardless the existence of snow. White represents purity. White also represents something new; a blank space which hasn't been written. A blank space to write new chapter in life.

365 days from now.. Do you still want to see that look in your eyes when you stand in front of the mirror? No, right?
365 days from now.. Your eyes and face should radiate happiness, joy and hope as you realize how great God's blessings for you.

Close your old book and take a piece of paper. Write all the harm things you want to leave behind. Write all the things you want to achieve in 365 days; write your vision. Hang that paper on your Christmas tree, right under the mistletoe or if you don't have one, just keep it.
Let the harmful things, reminds you to do better. Let the good things, motivate you even more.

That's how we celebrate this White Christmas. Preparing ourselves, have a merry heart which is ready to write something great in the new blank space.

Always remember, that's not because we want to please others. It's not for the sake of our image in front of other. It's for our own sake. In the end, it's us who will savor it.

Go get your red dress, put your make up on and don't forget the Rudolph headbands.
Good luck and have a memorable White Christmas gorgeous. God bless you :)