How do you see yourself in five years?

In a job interview, there are certain questions which is always asked by the interviewer. For example:
I repeat. How do you see yourself in five years? 

I don't know the actual intention of asking that kind of question. I guess it's a way for the interviewer to know the vision of interviewee. According to the dictionary, vision is the act or power of sensing with eyes or sight and anticipating what will happen in the future. Vision is how we see the future. In short, vision directs us on how we actually choose the path we will take in this life. 

Regardless it's a job interview or not, asking How do we see ourselves in five years indeed is really important; For a man without vision is just a blind man. If we lose our sight, we cannot see the world as it is. Well, we don't literally become blind and everything becomes black though.

Let's us use this metaphor. Life is a journey. Dream is our destination. We can choose our own car. Suppose we never go through this road. No matter how great the car is, if it does not has GPS, we'll be lost in the middle of the journey, right? The worst case is when we don't even know our wildest dream or the things we need to achieve. Without destination, where does the car should go? Should we turn left after this, or should we go straight then turn right? GPS will help us if we already mentioned the destination. 

source: tumblr. 

Now, let's find our destination first. What do you want to be in this life? What do you want to pursue? We can start by write down all of the wildest dream we have (owning an international scale corporation, become the giant of car distributor, being fashion designer like the infamous Chanel, etc).
Those wildest dream can be achieved if we persistently struggle to make it happen. Always remember, an empire isn't built in one night. It may takes much time to reach our dreams.
The question 'How do you see yourself in five years?' can be our reminder. If we can answer that question, it means that we have already had the vision on how we will be in the next five years.
At the end of the year, recall again about the answer and see how far our position right now to the destination.

For sure, find the answer soon. The faster we have figured out what we want to be in life, the sooner we can think of the way to get there. It means that, we will not waste our times on doing something pointless or being lost.  

Don't procrastinate on answering this question. If we don't try to answer that question, it's unlikely that next year suddenly you get the answer just by looking up on the sky or praying to the shooting stars. We need to think about this seriously, don't take this for granted,  since we shouldn't put our future on the line.


Three years ago, the How do you see yourself in five years question already popped up in my mind and i just let that question go. I thought that it was too soon for me to think about such a thing.
Three years later, which is now, i haven't figured out my mind as well.
I learn that: too young, too experienced-less were not an excuse for me not to think about my future.

By the time we will be graduated from University, i hope that all of us have already know the destination of our long journey. (Don't go study abroad, if you don't know what you'll do with that or after that. lol)
For the others, it's not too late to think of your dreams. Don't waste our time anymore, for we can never turn back the time.

Before you go to sleep, write all the dreams, desire you can think of on your mind and the overflowing passion on your heart. How do you see yourself in five years?
 Find your destination. Good night and sweet dream!:)

To get through the hardest journey; we need to take the first step; then we must keep on stepping