How To Find Love(r/rs) in 2015


Recently, one of my friend has finally crossed her name on single ladies list. She's just got into a relationship. So. One question.
When will you cross your name too?
*No offense*

Love comes in an unexpected way. However, it does not mean that you need to just stay still, counting days or imagine when will you meet the knight in shining armor or the queen of your heart.
As far as i know, there's no story about Princess riding horse and meet The Prince, instead there're too much stories about princess waiting for her Prince inside the castle. How about we write a new story? Besides The Prince, The Princess is now riding the horse to find for love too. 

So ladies and gentlemen, here's the tips on How to find love(r/rs):

Join School Reunion
How old are you right now? Do you still remember your elementary school/ junior school sweetheart? Now, when you remember about those memories you might not that deeply in love with them, back then. (Who the hell care about such a thing that time? Love is just a tiny piece of heart shaped chocolate on V-day) 
But, there must be someone who grabbed your attention more than the others, or someone you did have crush on.

After such a long time, it will be great to see that person, right? School reunion is the perfect opportunity to meet that person. It doesn't have to be big reunion actually, a simple meet up with several groups of friends is enough. At first you two might be awkward and just talk about some old school, embarrassing memories, yet who knows that it will lead to another conversation? ;)
Don't forget to dress up a bit :) Be more confident.

Note: Don't be surprised if the messy, shabby, runny-nosed friend of yours turn to be good looking guy/girl. 

Express yourself
Don't be shy. Express yourself. Yet, don't try too much, don't try to "sell" yourself. Express yourself to the extent of what do you like, what kind of person are you, etc. Being aware with your appearance is also important. Most people are not interested to get to know someone further if that one is not appealing. How can they judge/ perceive if someone is appealing or not, if they don't know much about that someone? People come up with their first judgment and perception from their sight  on how that someone actually bring themselves: their attitude, their behavior, their looks.

Always be yourself. You don't need to impress anyone. Indeed, impress yourself on how you finally realize how gorgeous you are.

Well, If yourself is a jackass; you'll need to behave. 
I am just kidding though.

Visit The Right Place 
You don't search vodka in drug store right?
In your hometown, there must be several hip places, where most adolescence (read: people on your age) hang out. Try to go to that place with your friends. Feel the sensation of meeting unexpected person. Look around, you'll see one, two or three attractive guys/girls.
*One, two, three* You heard someone called your name. Turns out that it's your friend who sits on the same table with that attractive guy/girl. You ended up have a little chat with the mr/ms attractive after your friend introduced you. How small the world is!
(That scenario rarely happen actually. Too much k-drama i think. lol)

Well, what i want to say is don't confine yourself on your room (read: your own world). Freed yourself, explore the world. Broaden your network. Meet tons of people. Always remember: if you don't want to date drinkers; just don't find love in some night clubs.

Phone a Friend
In who wants to be millionaire quiz, you have the option to call your friend. You will ask their answer regarding the question. You will answer the question based on your instinct or your friend suggestion. Here, you do not literally call your friend asking them to introduce you to some good catch bachelor/ bachelorette. Just mention to bring their friends along when you and your friends are planning to hang out. Later, if you're interested with one of them, you can ask more to your friend about him/her.
In the end, you will decide to take another move or just stay.

Pray for your friend, as well.
Some say that love is contagious. If one of your friend in your inner cycle get boyfriend/ girlfriend; you'll get one also. This kind of things happen several times to people that i know and i'm not making any lies. Perhaps, if you're in love you'll be much happier and it brings positive energy to your cycle.

Well, I don't know whether it's right or wrong. But, it's worth to try. Praying for the happiness of your friend is a pleasure.

Be More Open
Be more open (read: open your heart) Honestly speaking, this one is the key point.
How can a bird enter its cage if the cage is tightly closed? How can someone  if you actually don't give any space to enter. It will be rude for them to bark in. In the end, if they keep trying, you won't be impressed. Indeed, you will be pissed off even more. It happens sometimes.
You might think it's not the right time. You might think it's not the right person.
First person fail, then second person also fail, then the third and the list goes on. That 'not the right time or right person' excuses just cannot work anymore. Dang! You'll realize that the problem is not on the person who approached you, yet it's on you.
If you don't open your heart, you hardly give feedback to that one. It's unlikely you will get to know them more. So, you'll jump into conclusion that he/she's not the one.

All the points mention earlier are pointless if you don't try to open your heart. So first, ask yourself, Are you ready to find love (or at least) to be found by love?
It's not too late to add one more point to your 2015 resolution. Good luck my dearest readers.
Have a warm New Year celebration! :)