"For the past three years, what is the thing that you regret the most"

That's what my sister asked me yesterday during our semi-serious talk. I sipped my coffee again before i answered her. Surprisingly it did not take much time for me to choose which one is the most regretful above all the regrets i felt.

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I should have taken care of my blog more frequently. I want to grow as a writer, (Heck, somehow i don't even think i deserve to call myself this) I want to write something inspiring for all my readers. I dream that one day, this blog will be even bigger. A blog where people can find encouragement. A blog which inspires them to be better, etc. I also hope that i can grab broader readers. That's one of my wildest dreams.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming. The problem is not in the dream as well. The problem is when people keep on dreaming, but never really try to chase it. I know that all of us familiar with quote saying that first step has always been the hardest. Indeed, it's true. I honestly think that to keep on stepping is the hardest part.

I created this blog 2.5 years ago. It was as easy as falling a sleep for me. I just need to created account on blogger. Voila! This is it. At the beginning I was very excited and passionate, i could write two articles a day. As time goes by .. I believe you guys can guess what happen, just by seeing my blog archive. I only published 7 articles last year, which were gradually decreasing since 2012. Oh Geez.

For this case, i like to make up excuses. Overwhelming assignment, not much time to write, no ideas, etc were my excuses. I realize that those are excuses. I know that there's only one person I could blame. That person is me.

Sometimes, I like to open Instagram to do #instalking (pardon my hashtag ;) on someone's successful profile. He/She can be an entrepreneur, fashion designer, writer, etc. I suppose that you guys like to do so. We might think they are lucky, they are talented, they have power that can ease them to be successful. Always keep in mind that, all successful people are fighter. All dreams have their own ups and down. Those dream chaser.. They could tackle the obstacles in front of them. Their perseverance made them to be who they are today.

Stop judging them. Ask this question to yourself.
Even if we have the power, talent, or whatsoever, can we be like them? Can we be successful like them?
I guess it takes more time to answer this question than we thought. To be successful is not easy. Only ourselves can answer that question anyway.

Suddenly, I remember one of the quote I like back when I was in High School.

"Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard." 

credits to tumblr

I decided that i won't shut down this blog. I want to change. I want to grow. I want to give a chance to myself once more. Perhaps, i don't have the talent. But i want to work harder.
So, here i am. Today is the first out of 31 day of 500 words challenge. I challenge myself to write everyday. I know that it's difficult, but i want to try. If i can accomplish it, it means that I will have written at least 15,500 words. It's not a small numbers for a newbie, though.
I promise, I will publish articles more frequently.

So readers, dare to challenge yourself? If you do, join me and let's support each other! :)
*Think about something you really want to do, but you always fail to do. Think about your dreams and start doing it.
You can try these:
- Create 20 logos each day for those who wants to be graphic designer
- Stop eating junk food for those who wants to be healthier
- Spend at least an hour to do some exercise for those who wants to be slimmer
- Draw two fashion sketches for those who wants to be fashion designer.
- etc.

Leave a comment below, if you are interested to challenge yourself. Good luck for your 31 days of challenge!