It’s a Sunday morning. You’re lying on your bed. You’re simply lazy to do anything. Scrolling Instagram, tap double like, scroll again, tap double like again and so on, until you don’t even realize what picture you just tapped sec ago. Your mind is in somewhere else.

Your phone beep, signing line messages arrived. It was him. Supposedly, there was nothing odd with that. Supposedly. If it was not your ex. It would be fine, if it was not this frequent during these months.

One day on the past months..

You went to a small reunion with some friends. You just didn’t expect he would be there. He’s just not exist anymore in your life. You were over him. Totally. Well, you wish.

It was just fine. You two exchanged hello, like the usual long lost ex friend  Well, It was awkward only at the first few minutes. You looked at him and found several changes on his look. His hairstyle. There's sheer stubble which makes him looked more mature. As you two kept talking, you realized that some things haven’t changed. The intangible things. Some things which cannot be seen, but you can feel it. It’s lively.

He never fails to make you laugh with his silly and somehow not so funny joke. He never fails to make you interested talking with him. He knows the do’s and don’ts. He knows you too well. Just like he have always been before. Before you two were consumed with thesis and all the pursuing dream, careers excuses.

And it felt like the butterfly mother gave birth to another thousands butterfly inside your stomach in just few minutes. You couldn’t help but feel relieved seeing there isn’t something gold twining his finger. He’s still single.

After the small reunion, you two keep the contact until now. You ensured yourself that you two are just friend. But, it’s getting intense day by day.
Some people said, you cannot be just just friend with your Ex. It’s either you hate them so much or you still keep the tiniest piece of your heart for him. Well, perhaps it’s true.

You know you can’t be just friend with him. The ‘tiny piece’ is not tiny anymore. It has grown bigger.

You guys are so much alike; both are stubborn, dominant and selfish. You’re afraid what if the relationship will stop working again.

On the other hand. You miss those feelings and memories you shared with him. You miss all the talk and thoughts: from the lightest topics to dream about future with him. You miss him. Perhaps, this time will be different. After three years, you two should have been more mature right?

It feels so right but it also feels a bit wrong at the same time.

Well, this bewildered feelings would not prevailed if you did not go to the reunion. But, you don’t regret it right?

He’s the one who make you the happiest. On the other hand, he’s the one who left the biggest scars on your heart. He hurt you, indeed. But you hurt him too. It wasn’t only him. You had your part on shattering the relationship. That’s the fact you need to admit.
The thing is.. Do you believe in second chance? Do you want to give another chance for you and him? 

A second chance is there to make things right, not to mess things again. 

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