There is one mighty reason why a woman wants to marry a guy.
"Yes, he is the right one for me. The moment he said he loves me, I feel the same things. I know he is The One "

On the other way around, it can be the reason why a woman break up with a guy, 
"Yes, I like him. But I don’t think he’s the one for me."

I believe you heard enough about The One. Your friends' stories, the romance movie that you watch (The Notebook and the gangs), novel that you read and even your own experience have mentioned about The One. 

What makes someone The One for you? What's the criteria or traits they should have?

You have your own preferences about The One.
Whatever it is, all of you are looking for someone you want to spend your life with. Until the death separates you and that person. 

How can you know that he's The One? Is that because the moment you know him, it feels clicked? 
Me too. I hope that one day I will eventually meet that person. Just wait and see.

Lately, I realized that it is not enough. We don't just wait and see. We have our part of choosing which person is The One. You don't just bump into him accidentally and oh yeahh i think he is.

When you look at your mom and dad, they must have fought sometimes during their 20 years (or more) marriage, Instead of break up or find another person, they choose to fix it.They choose to commit. They bear all the storms in their courtship. It's simply because they chose each other as The One and stick with their commitment.

A guy once told me, there’s no one in this world who will accept you just the way you are. There's no one who will be clicked with you right away. Neither your future boyfie/girlfie. You two have your own standard. You two will be in a quarrel. Both of you need adjustment process. But the point lies on how the two of you try to tolerate, understand and learn about each other. 

Let's say if you're in a relationship, and you find several things about him that you hate the most. Will you just leave him?
He said..
Don't leave him like that. Try to find something to make things right. Love is not about finding someone who’s better for you. There will always be someone who’s better than him out there. 
In this journey, you don’t spend your lifetime on finding which one is better. Better will never be enough for you. It’s how you can think that he’s the best for you. It’s how you can think that he’s The One.

Beside him, one of my friend shared that she used to fought a lot in her relationship. She and her boyfriend fought so hard, up to the point they’re tired. They realized that they won’t let each other go. Thus,instead of being in a hellish relationship, they learn to understand and forgive each other. They learn to admit their faults. They're just trying to be more mature. Once again, It's because they choose each other as The One.

There's one quote that I think suits every words that I've written.

The truth is. The One is not just coming to you. You don't feel it right away. You need to choose and prove it yourself whether he's really The One or not. You need to fight for The One.

Choose someone that you love. Stick with him in ups and down. Learn about what he likes he dislikes. Let both of you 'ruin' each other’s live. Build the future of you and him together.
At the end of the day, he’s the one whom you called home. And that home is a feeling not a place. A feeling that you can rest and you are looking forward to wake up every day.

Have faith that God will give the best for you. Before you pick someone, pray to Him and ask His guidance. Good luck!


I've always wanted someone I can talk to without feeling bored, someone that I can discuss and share everything with. It's hard to find someone like that, perhaps. Instead of looking for another person to come, this time, this guy, I choose to make him The One.

*Fiction alert