As I have been living here for two weeks, all I can say is that, Korean do eat a lot. A lot!
Mostly, one portion here is too much for one person (for me personally).
Well, this is kinda subjective. However, it's much larger to be compared with in Indonesia. Not to mention, there are some side dishes besides kimchi you will get when you order food here.

At first, I could not finish my meal. Day after day, time passed away, I can eat one portion. I guess, my stomach is really adaptive and flexible! 

Here's the TOP TEN dishes (not in order) among all of the dishes i ate during this two weeks:

1. Chicken and Cheese. 


It's super duper delicious. You just can't get enough of the chewyy mozarella cheese (I am not sure what cheese they used. Who cares anyway?) and the savory chicken. There is also tteokpoki (Korean rice cake) inside. It is served with a bit spicy red sauce.

2. ChiMaek

Chicken and Maekju. The chicken might look like MCD, KFC or the other typical fried chicken. But please, please don't compare them. They are not in the same league.
Maekgeoli is Korean traditional alcohol. It contains lower alcohol than soju.
This is the perfect combination for cold weather. Crispiness of chicken and the warm maEkgeoli, Who can resist?

3. Bibimbap

I don't like vegetables. If i could obliterate any creatures in this worlds, it would be celery and carrot. The smell of celery makes me want to vomit. Carrot sickening me.
Bibimbap is like veggies, rice and beef mixed into one.
But, you have not been in Korea if you never eat bibimbap. So I tried my best to eat it. Surprisingly, I like bibimbap. It was not that bad, though.
My mom would burst into tears seeing how I enjoy being herbivore here.

4. Sundubu jjigae / jampong jjigae

 sundubu jjigae

jampong jjigae 

jjigae means korean stew or soupSundubu means tofu. In short, its soup with vegetables, tofu, egg inside.
Beside sundubu, you can also try jampong jjigae. If sundubu is soup with tofu, jampong is soup with seafood.
So, every meal with jjampong is meal with seafood.

5. Pajeong

One Indonesian snack came up to my mind, when pajong was served on my table. Any idea, people?

Yep, it's martabak!
The taste is more or less like martabak. Let's say its premium class of martabak since it has octopus, squid and another seafood inside. 
Mianhae Pajong- aaah, but I love my Indonesian martabak more! 

6. Cise bab aka Cheese Rice

This is the recommended meal from my friend who was studying at Sogang last semester. He said "When i don't know what to eat, i always eat cheese rice."
I get his point after my nose smelled something yummy from the hot pot. Uuuhh, the cheese and beef.. It's just, indescribable. 
Luscious and not that expensive. Definitely worth it.

7. Samgyeopsal (pork) and Kalbi (ribs)

The foodest food of all food. pardon my randomness. Samgyupsal is my favorite food here! I love the art of eating samgyupsal too. First, take one sheet of lettuce; Put rice, meat, sauce and any side dish that you want; wrap it. Then, open your mouth as big as possible. Because you have to eat all of it once!

Don't expect that you can 'makan cantik' (Eat calmly and elegantly) here. Samgyupsal will be totally wasted! Don't be ashamed to open your mouth that -four fingers- big. Feel the sensation of eating all of them at once!

8. Cise donggase

It's a pork cutlet with cheese inside. It's served with salad and sauce. I think it's the most Not so Korean dish i eat here.

9. Ramyon!

This is the legendary food for me. As I have told you before, this is the first meal I ate here. One bowl that made me survive in my first -nearly 0 degree Celsius- day. I definitely won't forget ya!
Eat this with kimbap (the korean sushi). Happiness is simple, indeed. 

10. Jajangmyon 

It's noodle with black sauce and beef. It's kinda sticky somehow. So, you need to cut the noodle with scissor if you want to share it with your friends.
Rumor has it, Korean also celebrate Black Day by eating Jajangmyon on April 14.

P.S: Don't hesitate to try all food here. Even though the sauce or the soup looked so red, it is not that spicy though. It's nothing to be compared with the spiciness of Indonesia's sambal.

One day, when you visit Korea, forget all of your diet plan. Enjoy all of the food here. You might eat a lot, but you will walk a lot too! Calories will be burned right away. Bon Apetite! 

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