Oh Geez! He is really handsome! 

That was the first thing which came up to my mind once I stepped on my foot on the plane. One of the steward from Korean Air was indeed really good looking. He reminded me of Hong Jong Hyun, the hotties from We Got Married series.

Hong Jong Hyun 

Despite the 7 hours flight, me and my friends were really excited though. 

Finally, the captain announced that we’re landing off at Incheon International Airport, expecting turbulence. The turbulence was nothing to be compared to the overflowing excitement inside me. My friends who happened to sit beside me also reassured themselves. We’ll be arrived at Korea baby! We’re not dreaming.

After the ups and down. I am finally in Korea. The weather was 3 celcius degree. If you never experienced a winter//spring season, imagine you’re sitting om your chair. The coldest air con temperature is 16. It's twice, thrice colder!

Inside the airport was not really cold, as expected. I met the Sogang University’s exchange students. Just like usual, we introduced ourselves, meeting new people and stuffs. It was fun.

Everything was warm, the introduction, the weather inside. It was warm until I stepped out my foot outside the entrance gate. I felt the wind breeze. It's not cold. It's freezing! Like seriously.

We are waiting for the bus for a while. It took 50 minutes from Incheon to the Ewha Bus Station. The H.U.G buddy (Committee who's in charge for exchange student) said that it only took 5 until 10 minutes walking from Ewha to Sogang.

Well, that was the longest 10 minutes I’ve ever experienced in my life. It was like forever.
With two big luggage on my hand, I needed to go ups and down the hill to reach my dorm.
I used to live in tropical season, and all of sudden the weather reached nearly 0 degree.
We passed through the upward hill again. I felt so relieved after seeing “Sogang Dormitory Gonzaga Hall” 

The Dorm Entrance. 

Oh Sweet Jesus! Finally.
After putting my luggage inside my room, I directly went to the E-mart to buy convenient stuffs like pillow, etc. It was 10.30 pm already. I was starving! 

For your own sake, learn basic Korean if you want to go here. Don’t expect much about their English. A day before coming here I learnt how to read Hangeul. But what to expect from that express learning?
The first menu that i could read was ramyon (Korean ramen). So I marked my first meal Korea with Ramyon and egg. Not fancy at all. I was expecting chicken and cheese or samgyupsal.
But, I could not ask for more. It was delicious though. 
Just imagine the feeling when you're eating Indomie kuah in the middle of heavy rain. lol

What to expect when you're expecting... is the quote that can sum up my first day here. 
It’s actually far from my expectation. I expected that it would be nice and perfect. But it turns out to be torturing. hmmm in a fun way of course.

I unpacked my luggage, preparing my bed and so on. I pinched myself and again.. I was not dreaming. This is the bed of Sogang's dorm, not my room. I am in Korea. Good Night and have sweet dream, people! 

Sogang University 

My 4 months journey has just begun. The day after, I went to Myeong Dong, one of the shopping district here. I will post about it tomorrow, "What Happened At Myeong Dong. Stay tuned!